Kind Bus Driver Stopped Bus To Help Walk A Blind Man Safely Through Street Construction

A bus driver observed new construction blocking the way of a blind man, so he pulled over to the side of the road and helped him cross.

Hubbard, 69, of Milwaukee, WI, has taken the county bus to work every day for the past 20 years. Diabetes caused him to lose his sight, but he can still use a walking stick to get to and from work.

“No, I don’t plan on retiring,” Gene replied.

He has remembered his bus route, timetable, and route to work, so he can commute to and from work. As construction on a street he frequents began, the changes in where people could walk, as well as the construction cones and no sidewalks, made it difficult for him to get there.

If I don’t have a consistent locating point to start from, I might as well be in the middle of the ocean.

Thaddaus Turner, a 28-year-old bus driver, observed Gene disembark the bus at his usual stop and paused for a moment, realizing the situation with the street construction as Gene prepared to cross the street.

He parked the bus, stepped outside, extended his arm to Gene, and they walked safely to the other side of the street despite construction and traffic.

It’s just one way through there, so I knew I had to stop traffic behind me.” “My main concern was getting him across from the other side,” Thaddaus explained. “The path was obstructed; it was difficult for me as a driver, and I can only image how difficult it must have been for him.”

As passengers on the bus and drivers in their automobiles observed with open hearts, Thaddus gently guided Gene to the other side of the street.

Sydney Kazmierczak took advantage of the opportunity and snapped a short photo of Thaddaus as she assisted Gene.

“It was as if I was put at the perfect spot at the right time,””” Sydney wrote about it in an online post. “I was so excited that I immediately pulled out my phone to take a photo!” Thaddaus is deserving of recognition!!”


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