Woman Announces Her Pregnancy In The Sweetest Way Possible “Dear Grandpa…”

@emsteng, a TikTok user, had exciting news to share with her father, and she found the perfect way to include her late mother, Joanne, too.

As her dad tended to her mom’s grave, he placed a Hershey bar on the tombstone, something that was no doubt one of her favorite treats. @emsteng gave her dad a surprise of his own: A small box containing a pacifier and a letter revealing her pregnancy!

Her father began reading the note aloud, his eyes widening with excitement as he realized what was happening. “You’re pregnant!” the sweet man exclaimed before going in for a hug. Then, he appeared to turn toward the grave as if to tell Joanne. That was a beautiful moment for this family to share!

Here is their special moment


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