Sweet 7-Year-Old Boy Prays For Local Police During Hard Times

A 7-year-old boy’s Facebook post about praying for a Tulsa police officer has gone viral.

Brittany Elliott, Trey Elliott’s mother, posted a picture of Trey praying for a Tulsa police officer on her Facebook page on June 1.

In the shot, Trey is seen kneeling down with his little hand on the shoulder of a Tulsa police officer. Both were closed-eyed as they prayed.

Brittany asked on Facebook that we pray for the Tulsa Police Department personnel today. “And that’s just what he did. To show cops that we love and support them, little child placed his small hands on them.

Trey asked for prayers for Tulsa police officers while helping at a neighborhood event near 61st and Peoria.

Trey asked that we pray for the Tulsa Police Department today. We did just that. The little child placed his hands on the cops to show his love and support for them.

Brittany Elliott remarked, “If these photographs show you anything, the current situation of the city has crushed her heart.”. “Pray for those who are close to you.”

Trey’s current objective is to speak with every officer in the Tulsa Police Department. Trey is currently 12 years old.

They seem to be going through some difficult times. I believe it will benefit them.

Two Contributions to You brought in reinforcements to surprise Trey, four additional Tulsa police officers.

Trey offered a simple prayer to the police.

God, please protect these cops, their families, and their community. Amen.
Trey Elliott plays American football.

Tulsa police officer Khara Rogers said Trey’s prayer gave her hope and made her heart skip a beat.

Trey prayed for Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin on Thursday morning.

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