‘Lazy’ mom of four shares a video of her incredibly messy home and parents love her for it

When you have a child, it’s hard to keep your house clean, but when you have four, unless you have a live-in maid, it’s almost impossible. There is no dishwasher fast enough to keep up with the dishes in the sink and no magical moment where all four children have it together enough to put away their toys.

If you take your eyes off the prize and let even a day pass without cleaning up, you’re practically drowning in chaos.

TikTok user and stay-at-home mom Bri James (aka @themessymama4) did the unthinkable and didn’t clean her home for four days before she shared the entire mess on TikTok.

“I know I’ll be roasted,” she says in the clip, “but … this is what happens when two lazy adults have four kids and don’t clean up after themselves.”


I will block those who are mean. this is to keep me accountable not for views.

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This clip shows cutlery on the floor, empty packets everywhere, dishes piled a mile high in the sink, and clothes and toys all over the room. The house looks like the parents went on a permanent vacation and left their children to fend for themselves.

There are a lot of parents who are tired of seeing mommy influencers with spotless homes and children dressed in matching linen outfits. On TikTok, they finally found a mom they could relate to.

Meghan Sanders wrote, “I would rather watch you clean your realistic house than watch another blonde clean an already clean countertop.”.

TikTokker Its_not_that_serious put things into perspective perfectly. When all of their fingers and toes are attached and they feel safe and loved, you’ll be fine. Someday, the house will be clean.

Children are mentally and physically exhausting, and you don’t always have the energy to clean every day,” Rose said.

Bri’s slice of reality was not appreciated by everyone. She was thought to be setting a terrible example for her children with her messiness and neglect.

“Set a good example for your kids and have them help,” carleebocciaa wrote.

ACZOgirly wrote, “Without children = fine, your choice. With children (especially small ones) = totally unacceptable.”

As soon as Bri posted her first video, she got to work on the impossible task of cleaning the entire house. Her spouse and children were noticeably absent. It seems she did everything by herself.

In a series of fast-motion videos, she demonstrated her cleaning skills.


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♬ original sound – Bri James

After 9:30 p.m., Bri was done with most of the job, although she still had some vacuuming to do and some dishes to wash. She was exhausted at the end of the day. She got the job done, and that’s all that matters. It’s okay to let your house fall into disarray from time to time, but eventually, you will have to take care of things.
TikTokker Sannon Martin has the final word on this story, as she hits the nail on the head. “Your house is exactly like mine,” she wrote. “Some days it’s a wreck, and other days it looks amazing. Life is like that. Well done!”””


I’m going to bed now. 🤣🥱😴

♬ original sound – Bri James

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  1. This is not meant to be mean at all. You want to held accountable like you said, quit being so obsessed with your hair! It’s pretty and you have a lot of it and it’s looks pretty healthy even though you put it through a lot! Maybe that could be a separate thing from the kids and the house? IDK, but personally, I don’t care what color your hair is and got tired of you playing with it & flipping it around. Again, not being mean, just giving feedback. Likely unwanted feedback, but I am allowed my opinions too!