“I Want to Live to Be 105 to See Him Graduate,” the Story of the Doctor Who Became a Father at 83

A child is the greatest joy a couple can experience, and while it is most common to have a child between our second and fourth decades, the wonder of life can still amaze us as we age. Alberto Cormillot, an Argentinean physician, married a lady 48 years his junior at age 83 and gave birth to a child.

Bright Side believes life has a lot to offer, even in old age. Hence, we are telling you the story of a man who built a new family as a senior citizen, with a life philosophy that defies stereotypes.

“I Want to Live to Be 105 to See Him Graduate,” the Story of the Doctor Who Became a Father at 83

He was born on August 31, 1938, in Buenos Aires, making him Argentina’s most renowned nutritionist. Over the course of his lengthy career, he has helped thousands of people with eating disorders transform their lives through his obesity treatment institutes, educational initiatives, and media campaigns.

“I Want to Live to Be 105 to See Him Graduate,” the Story of the Doctor Who Became a Father at 83

He is well known for his professional accomplishments, but his personal life was brought into the spotlight in 2019 with the announcement of his engagement to Estefana Pasquini, a lady 48 years his junior.

Their first child is due in 2021. During the first two years of his child’s life, the doctor and his wife decided that the child would not consume salt or sugar.

In light of the announcement of his fatherhood at such an early age, biased remarks from third parties were unavoidable, such as when some journalists joked that “he was going to have a little orphan,” and wondered how long he would be able to be in his son’s life.

Although they were criticized, the couple stood firm in their decision, knowing that no one could take away their happiness. “Everything that has been discussed this week was discussed three months ago,” he explained. “I didn’t ask myself the age question; I’m asking it now because so many people have brought it up.”

He will leave her one day, but she is ready to face it when it does: “They don’t say anything I don’t know, Alberto doesn’t know, or anything we haven’t discussed […].” “Yes, you’re going to have a child, and tomorrow he won’t be there, for rational reasons of life […],” my friends assured me. When he’s gone, we’ll all be there to help you,’ she said.

“I Want to Live to Be 105 to See Him Graduate,” the Story of the Doctor Who Became a Father at 83

Emilio, the couple’s long-awaited baby, was born in good health on September 17, 2021. The couple returned home two days later to begin their new life together.

With the birth of his daughter Reneé and his son Adrián, Cormillot had already been a father for more than 50 years. Although the gap between the birth of his last kid and the birth of his current one makes him feel like a first-time parent, because he is learning new things about babies:

“I don’t remember much from yesterday.” We went stroller shopping yesterday, so we took a stroller course. Back then, these weren’t available, and they were far more rudimentary. “It used to be that cloth diapers were washed and changed, but now it’s different,” he explained.

Despite the years between them, his children have embraced their father’s decision regarding his new life and their new baby brother: “My son stated that he would have someone to play catch with and that having a brother is something he will enjoy.” Reneé, as a feminine child, feels conflicted about the situation. “On the one hand, she’s joyful, but on the other hand, she finds it difficult.”

It is a significant accomplishment to have a child at the age of 83. In Alberto, we see how old age can be lived in a very pleasant way, challenging society’s unfavorable perception of it:

“There is a stereotype that older adults can’t have children or have fun […].” A child can be born into a single-parent family, but an older person cannot. It’s not a good idea. Seniors are overflow; they are disposable, not even recyclable, and many people are willing to pay for them. “I don’t buy it, and I didn’t buy it.” he said.

Though he has been worn down by life, his approach to aging is outstanding. He adds that he keeps active by tap dancing and aerial dancing. “I got cancer twice, which is often associated with aging, and the X-rays show damage to my knees, shoulders, and spine,” he says. I’ve been injured more than 30 times. Since you see me and realize that I do the same things that I have always done, there appears to be a contradiction between my medical background and my daily life,” he observed.

“I Want to Live to Be 105 to See Him Graduate,” the Story of the Doctor Who Became a Father at 83

Even though he experiences challenges as a result of his age, he hopes to live to be 105 so he can see his little kid graduate. “I won’t be able to live my life like a 30-year-old, but I’ll do what I can,” he said of his situation. He gave Emilio a special gift: “I bought him a phone with a line, and I send him WhatsApp messages and record tales, send him pictures, and tell him what I’m doing.”

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