Woman Who Stopped Removing Facial Hair Shares How the Decision Changed Her Life

Women with a lot of facial hair know how difficult it is to keep it under control. Shaving or waxing can be a time-consuming process. But what if it’s not necessary? What if…you just go with the flow?

Copenhagen resident Eldina decided to do just that. She documented her hair removal journey on Instagram, gaining a large following of admirers who respected her honesty.

The constant removal of Eldina’s facial hair was growing increasingly irritating. Then she asked herself, “Why should I do that?””” IS IT EVEN NECESSARY FOR HER TO DO SO? Could she use that time better elsewhere?

“I wouldn’t say it happened overnight; however, I felt increasingly upset over being forced to shave my legs without any apparent reason.” Why do I have to shave my legs when males do it outside?” she wondered. “I realized I could be doing more with my time.” I’m not opposed to shaving or hair removal, but the idea that all women should do it all of the time irritates me.”

Women believe they must adhere to certain standards in order to be beautiful, but Eldina set out to change that.

“A lot of women have emailed me and said they also feel pressured to remove all their body hair, even if they don’t want to.” “However, they are under societal pressure to do so, or they have been bullied for having hair on their bodies.”

She continued, “I think beauty standards are quite arbitrary.”. “They’re always changing.” In ten years, something that is crucial now may be completely irrelevant. Therefore, I don’t understand why women, especially, are expected to conform to these ideals.”

After letting her eyebrow and upper lip hair grow for a while, Eldina feels much more confident, and she wants other women to feel the same.

Eldina had some wise words for folks who are worried about how others perceive them because of their facial hair. If people don’t like you, you can always make new friends, she remarked. There will always be people who accept and value your opinions and feelings.” Do you really want to be known for someone you are not?

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