Poor Parents Can’t Afford To Buy Their Daughter A Dress For Prom, So Her Brother Made Her One Instead. How She Looks With This Dress Is Wonderful

On Valentine’s Day two years ago, a man from the Philippines did something incredible for his younger sister. He didn’t give her flowers or chocolates, but he did give her something more meaningful: garments that he had sewed himself!

Maverick Francisco Oyao, his sister Lu Asey, and their parents live in poverty in the Philippines.

The girl was delighted when Lu Asey’s announced the date for their upcoming Junior and Senior Proms as she had been looking forward to it.

Maverick Francisco Oyao in a New Year party

They were, however, forced to attend the event in a ball gown, which would be prohibitively expensive to rent, let alone purchase.

Maverick was worried that Lu Asey wouldn’t be able to attend the event because his parents couldn’t afford it.

Maverick, who was 21 years old at the time, knew his sister was desperate to go to the prom, so he took matters into his own hands. Due to their financial situation, he felt he had no choice but to make the outfit himself.

A blue fabric textile for the prom dress

Despite his lack of experience, Maverick happily accepted the position. Using YouTube and Google, he discovered numerous ball gown designs and was inspired by Michael Cinco’s Spring and Summer collection. Therefore, he designed the gown around it.

Fortunately, he was able to obtain financial aid from several sources, which allowed him to purchase the materials he needed and complete the project on time.

The author wrote on Facebook, “I didn’t think I’d be able to finish this on time.” “I was even concerned whether I could carry it out because the idea was so different from anything that had been done before,” he says. On the other hand, God is very good. He hasn’t abandoned me.”

It was a winter ball, so Maverick chose blue and white for his prom. Maverick wasn’t a designer; he was a student majoring in Culture and Arts Education who made the garment entirely by himself.

The skirt of a handmade gown

The gown began to take shape day by day. Maverick wanted it to be a statement item that would draw attention to his sister, so he created a royal blue skirt adorned with white satin ribbons. Additionally, he spread white rose blooms with crystal beads across the clothing to make it even more noticeable.

In the top bodice, Maverick used a beautiful blue and white ombré pattern. The butterfly sleeves completed the look.

Maverick finished his creation after a week and a half of hard work: he built a beautiful prom dress from scratch for his sister!

Lu Asey, dressed in a custom-made gown, posed for pictures on Valentine’s Day.

Lu Asey Francisco wearing her handmade winter ball gown

‘Your brother’s promise to you is that I will never tire of supporting you,’ Maverick wrote to Lu Asey on Facebook.

Even if you didn’t get your wish for the best dress, it was the best for me, and it was the best because you wore it. He thinks highly of you.”

Maverick Francisco Oyao and Lu Asey Francisco Oyao

Maverick posted images of his dressmaking process on social media. In addition to his exceptional abilities, he was hailed for his outstanding efforts as a big brother.

He was admired for his creativity and inventiveness.

“I am beyond delighted reading all your kind remarks and congratulations guys,” he wrote in the comments.

“I appreciate your listening to and reading my story and for recognizing my good deeds. I am thrilled to have been able to motivate so many others.”

I love this heartwarming story about sibling love! Maverick deserves praise for giving up everything to make his sister happy on her special day.

Source: awesomeinventions.com

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