Bride Reveals The Touching Reason Why Her Husband Took Her Last Name

Because of this, the husband took the surname of his wife rather than vice versa.

Michael Puhle, 36, and Jessica Marshall, 32, are newlyweds who disobeyed the custom of women inheriting their husband’s surname. Michael took Jessy’s surname instead of Jessy taking Michael’s.

On the dating app Bumble in 2017, these two met and bonded over their mutual love of chocolate. Having been together for three years, Mike, founder of Candour Coaching and Eight Week Life Hack, proposed to them in their favorite park in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, last August.

Jessy, the director of public relations firm Hive HQ and the love of her life, was married last Saturday, November 13. Brunswick Heads, NSW, next to a forest, was the perfect setting for their wedding. Guests were surprised by the sign that read, “Introducing Jessica and Michael Marshall.”

The publicist told the Daily Mail:

This felt exceptional, and it made me feel quite fortunate. Michael and I have extremely honest and open conversations all of the time, which I think is unique. Most people wouldn’t have experienced this type of communication.”

The decision was made over a platter of margaritas.
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They both realized at the time that they were brave to defy tradition. Their conversation brought up Jessica’s “large” family, and she mentioned that they have a special bond. She continued:

As we considered what a last name should represent, Marshall was the obvious choice. This was a really natural conversation, and it all came down to the Marshall family name.”

Jessica continued to describe her large family as follows:

We are crazy, wild, and a lot of fun, but I also know how overwhelming it can be when you have a large family, so having someone want to become a part of that meant a lot to me.”

Michael admits that adopting his loving wife’s last name was a logical decision.
Mr. Marshall said:

“I’m confident enough in myself to do whatever I want.” Taking a last name used to be about claiming ownership and giving women access, but none of that matters anymore. It’s an old way of thinking.”

Meanwhile, many brides choose to keep their original surname or add their husband’s surname with a hyphen. Approximately 3% of men, on the other hand, take their wives’ surname, and Michael is honored to be one of them!

Fortunately, the Marshalls were thrilled to welcome Mike into their large, rowdy family.

As Jessy mentions, they’ve been very supportive.


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