102-Year-Old Woman Marries 100-Year-Old World War II Veteran In Senior Home After Dating For A Year

It is never too late to fall in love! You read about love, see movies about it, and if you’re lucky, you meet your other half, marry them, and spend the rest of your life with them. For some people, the tale is a little different, and there may be more than one soulmate. You will melt after reading this love story because it proves that love exists and that you are never too old to experience it.

The Cooks are living proof that love can be found at any age. They are both residents of the Kingston Residence, a senior living facility near Toledo, Ohio. Their recent marriage demonstrates that love knows no age limits. You can feel their deep bond when Phyllis expresses her love. People might think she is crazy, that they can feel this way at their age, but she does. Their story is enchanting for this reason. They are like two teenage lovers who have fallen in love. There is an undeniable chemistry between them!

John, a veteran of World War II who will turn 100 on August 8, and Phyllis, a native of West Virginia, have been dating for a year. Phyllis, a devout Christian, believed that marriage was the natural next step in their relationship. They went to the courthouse to get a marriage license.

They weren’t planning on getting married that day; they were simply seeking a marriage license, but at the courthouse, John and Phyllis were told they could get married right away. Yes, John said. They spent their honeymoon at the Kingston Residence as the “it” couple.

Both John and Phyllis have been widowed twice, so they know what it takes to maintain a relationship. They say it’s all about respecting each other’s space. In spite of their separation, the couple continues to live in separate residences, with he living below and she above. When asked about their favorite activity together, John replied, “Well, I definitely shouldn’t say that.”.

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