Pregnant Woman Had Never Met Her Server Boyfriend’s Family Until Kind Customer Writes Note About Them

Taryn and Ben are a normal, young couple who live in Spring, Texas, a small city just outside of Houston with a population of about 54,000. The couple met in high school and began dating there.

In 2016, Taryn became pregnant, prompting Ben to wish they could both visit Ben’s homeland. Taryn and Ben didn’t have enough money to fly to Ireland and back – at least until this happened.

Half-Irish, half-Texan couple discovers Texan half is pregnant in July 2016. Six months later, they learned it was a boy. Toryn and Ben were excited to discover the gender of their baby-in-development.

Both prospective parents worked stressful retail jobs that paid low hourly wages, incentivizing them to work as much as they could. Furthermore, their schedules were largely the opposite of one another, which left little time for them to enjoy one another’s company five to six days a week.

In January 2017, when the American-Irish couple learned the gender of their baby, they had been dating for several years. Ben had always wanted to take the love of his life to ireland. However, now that Ben knew he would have a baby in a matter of months, he was more driven to take Taryn to ireland than ever before.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t afford it.

One day after the two had given up all hope of getting away to the European island, Ben received a tip of $750 from an out-of-town customer he had never met before. They had made small talk. Ben expressed his desire to take his soon-to-be-three-member family to Ireland to visit family.

Ben began to clean the table after the customer left. “Hopefully, this will get you back to Ireland for the holidays.” is written on the receipt.

Ben casually shared the receipt with his girlfriend when he finished that day’s shift. Taryn took a picture of the receipt and uploaded it to Facebook. Following the post’s viral success, the couple went to Ireland with their healthy newborn.


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