Twin babies don’t realize they’ve been born, refuse to stop cuddling like they did in the womb

A baby is an incredible gift. Having twins is a blessing in itself. For the past nine months, they have been like two little peas in a pod. It almost seems a shame to separate the peaceful souls and take them away from each other.

One video from 2013 shows how deep that bond is, even before birth: two newborn twin boys refused to stop cuddling! It appears the little ones do not even realize they’ve been born yet based on their reactions. One video of the babies, less than two months old, has been viewed nearly 50 million times on YouTube. The babies receive a bath and keep holding one another, wrapping their little arms and legs around one another.

French nurse Sonia Rochel recorded her signature bathing technique for newborns, the “baby spa”, just days after the birth of these twins, a boy and a girl. Because it is intended to mimic the feeling of being in the womb, the technique is designed for infants younger than two months old. This may explain why the twins are so snuggly with one another-they want to be close to one another as they were before they were born.

The twins whose mother wanted their identities to remain anonymous seemed to enjoy every second of the bath. They held hands like they did in the womb.


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