High School Senior Taking 92-year-old Great-grandma To Prom Brings Many To Tears

Several high school students look forward to prom night, a night when they can dress up and dance the night away with a romantic partner or a friend.

Dakota Wollan thought little of prom as a senior at Watford City High School. He could have asked any of the girls in his class, but he didn’t want to, so he decided not to.

Madeline Miller and Dakota Wollan dressed up for prom

Dakota told his father, who advised him to invite his 92-year-old great-grandmother instead of his 92-year-old great-grandmother.

She was never invited to prom when Madeline Miller was in high school. After a year and a half, she dropped out to help her family.

The grandmother explained that she has no memory of proms being held at the school during her tenure.

The second-oldest of 14 siblings, Madeline was too preoccupied with keeping her home to attend a prom, even if there was one.

As a result of his father’s advice, Dakota devised a strategy for his “proposal.”

He explained, “I have this old truck my mother gave me. It’s a 1985 Ford that she passed down to me, so I fixed it up.” “So I got in my truck and made a sign,” he said.

β€œCan I transport you to prom in this ancient truck?” read the sign.

Dakota was “very apprehensive” when he requested his great-grandmother, and Madeline was confused when Dakota walked up with the sign. However, she happily agreed.

“I had never been to a prom before,” she explained. “I was just wondering why he would invite a 92-year-old to prom when there are so many young girls in the school.”

Dakota would have sat out the entire affair if Madeline had not agreed.

Grandma had not danced in 40 years, so this was her chance to do it again.

Madeline Miller and Dakota Wollan dancing at prom

As a result of her, I was able to create a memory for both my last prom and hers,” the teen explained.

The couple was the center of attention all night. In Dakota’s words, “everyone immediately went crazy” when they stepped in.

“Many people wept when they saw them dancing.”

After they danced their first dance together, Dakota welcomed his great-grandmother home.

“Walking by my great-grandson, listening to the music as we walked, and people clapping and yelling” were her favorite aspects of the evening.

Madeline Miller and Dakota Wollan at prom

After all, who would have guessed she’d be able to attend her first prom at her age, let alone with her great-grandson?

“I couldn’t believe I was out there,” she said.

This grandson and great-grandmother will treasure this once-in-a-lifetime experience for the rest of their lives. Despite their unusual match, they had a great time!

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