Do you or your loved ones have CHEEK DIMPLES? Here’s the true meaning

People without this feature are still beautiful, but dimples on both cheeks are considered a sign of beauty. It may seem that cheek dimples are something that only unique people possess. While you are not entirely wrong, a study confirms that about 20% of the world’s population has cheek dimples on both cheeks. However, there are several things you probably don’t know about cheek dimples, such as:

1. Dimples in fact are a facial muscle deformity

You may not believe this, but dimples are an envious deformity on the face. There are many people who undergo plastic surgery to make this deformity, and they pay good money for it.

2. A dimple-making machine actually exists

Some people are desperate to have dimples on their cheeks, as we discussed above. Someone thought it through and invented the dimple-making machine. This lady would probably have made a fortune by now if she had patented the machine. Isabella Gilbert’s obsession with dimples led her to invent the dimple-making machine back in 1936. A pair of knobs on this spring-loaded contraption apply pressure to the cheeks to produce the desired appearance.

3. Dimples are associated with eternal youth

Scientists believe these little dimples make people look younger as they age. Because dimples are usually associated with children and babies, we subconsciously perceive people with dimples as younger than they actually are!

4. According to some cultures, dimples are a source of luck

There has long been a belief that cheek dimples are lucky charms. People in the past thought dimples meant luck because they saw these marks of beauty in their newly born children. When parents see their child for the very first time, they probably know how lucky they feel. Next time, please don’t rush into a casino just to find out whether dimples mean luck.

5. Smile – You are beautiful

There are more than 60% of Hollywood stars with dimples on their faces, and they look stunning. If you don’t have them, don’t worry, just keep smiling.

6. It’s all in the genes

Dimples are a genetic trait, unfortunately. People with dimples on their faces will only have them if their parents, grandparents, or even grandmothers have them.

Even without dimples, you are beautiful and attractive. Even though some studies show that people with dimples are more attractive, not having them is also fine. Thus, you do not need to be desperate to get dimples. Whether you have dimples or not, you are still beautiful and loved for who you are.


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