Girl Dances in Front of Her Mother’s Shop to Attract Customers and Help Her With Business

Instagram users were astonished by the child’s ability to dance efficiently to assist her mother with her business.

A video of a young Nigerian girl dancing in front of her mother’s business has gone viral.

The girl and her mother’s shop have been identified as being in Lagos, Nigeria’s Ajegunle neighborhood. Every day after school, the small child would perform in front of her mother’s store to attract passersby, according to Legit.

GossipMillNaija posted a video of this amazing moment on Instagram with the caption, “Her dance moves make me happy!! ” “This talented young lady danced in front of her mother’s shop to attract customers and buy drinks…wow! “”

See the video  here.

In the video, the unidentified girl can be seen dancing effectively, incorporating several Nigerian dance elements like legwork. Many people gathered around the girl, encouraging and cheering her on. 

Many people are seen praising the child as she has created her own fan base. Instagram users were amazed by the child’s ability to dance efficiently to assist her mother.

One user said, “Her confidence is outstanding.”. “Good one, but I hope she remembers to finish her assignment too,””” commented another. A third person recalled going to my father’s shop after school (during holidays). He said, “God bless this angel.”

See the video here.

In another Legit report, a timid girl who was asked to dance in front of strangers displayed excellent dance skills. Yabaleftonline shared the video on Instagram, which shows a crowd cheering the girl and loving her dance moves. When the girl tried to flee the mob, she was drawn back by children and adults who wanted her to dance. Her legwork attracted the attention of other dancers.

In any case, she did pretty well for a minor, which is fantastic,””” someone wrote on Instagram. Respect the meek and quiet people; they have a lot inside them; they just need someone to encourage them. A third individual stated, “You deserve happiness.”. Live your life to the fullest, my love, and let your light shine brightly.


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