Homewrecker Texts A Married Woman, Then Her Unexpected Response Goes Viral

Marriage vows should be taken very seriously according to the Bible. “I do” is a promise made both to God and to your spouse. We live in a world where those vows are often broken. We applauded this woman’s response to a man’s utterly inappropriate approach!

A woman known only as littlesb79 knows what true love looks like on the social networking site Imgur. She is married to a wonderful man who has always been there for her. She didn’t think much about it when a new “friend” started talking about her.
On Facebook, the two engaged in some political banter during the election. Due to the fact that her Facebook status was clearly set to married, she never expected anything out of the ordinary. The exchanges were always short and to the point. He crossed the boundary completely and thoroughly until one day.
He texted her and suggested they go out. A married woman politely declined him, pointing out that she has a spouse. This was clearly supposed to be the end of the conversation. Unfortunately, this individual misunderstood the message.
“Have you ever been married?” I’m the same way, but we won’t talk about it. “It’ll be fun,” he replied. Doesn’t that make your blood boil a little? You’re not alone.

The “in sickness and in health” part of this married woman’s vows had already been fulfilled. Through a variety of actions, her husband had shown his devotion to her and their marriage. This man’s blatant disregard for marriage’s sanctity set her ablaze. She wouldn’t stand for it!

Who knows what this man was anticipating from his wife’s reaction. It wasn’t likely this:

Having been diagnosed with cancer last year, I did not have the heart to tell my boys (whom I have always protected) that I might d.i.e. My husband had to look in their eyes and tell them that I might d.i.e. I was also taken care of by him during multiple surgeries, including emptying drainage bags, giving me blood thinner shots, and holding my hand during chemo infusions. I would constantly hear a song lyric during this time: ‘Love is watching someone d.i.e.’ So my question to you is… who is going to watch you d.i.e? “Get your house in order and stop messaging me.”

My guess is that the man’s face looked something like this when he read her response:

The woman deserves praise for showing this cheater what marriage should be like. We hope that her words will resonate with him and prompt him to reconsider his motivations.

Source: godvine.com

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