Husband Who Refused to Wake Up To Tend To Baby Angry At Wife After Learning She Started Faking Sleep

When you are a new parent, waking up in the middle of the night is more or less mandatory (unless you can afford a nanny). For new parents, this situation is very stressful and can leave them exhausted and grumpy.
Nevertheless, waking up to tend to your crying child is also a labor of love that many parents share equally. Unfortunately, there are still those husbands who believe that their time and energy are more valuable than their spouse’s and refuse to lose sleep over a crying child. Another Redditor described how her husband refused to wake up and tend to their infant, who would cry sometimes three to four times a night. As she grew more frustrated she began faking sleep to force her lazy hubby to man up and tend to his baby.
The 26-year-old mom said she was completely wiped out after constantly having to wake up to take care of their 6-month-old while her 33-year-old husband slept it off. To take care of their baby, he always said he was “too tired.”.

Nevertheless, one day the husband overheard her confessing how she faked being asleep while on a phone call with her sister. The situation soon became very tense, and the husband referred to his wife as a “baby thing” and a “slut.”

The wife explained their situation as follows:

“Hubbs and I are in agreement about everything.”. Other than getting up with my son at night, we do everything equally.

“He leaves this ‘task’ to me after claiming he’s too tired to get out of bed.

Every time my son wakes up at night, which is three to four times a night.

“I would wake hubbs and ask him if he wanted to get up with the baby, but he would say that since I was awake, I should. Ever since our son was born.”

Tired of that situation, the new mom decided to pretend to be asleep every time their baby cried.

“I had enough, so I started to fake sleep whenever our son woke up.

Hubbs would wake up when our son started crying, look at me while I fake sleeping and quietly start whispering my name to me while I kept pretending to be asleep.

Hebbs would then sigh and mumble something, then get out of bed to see the baby.

He started asking me about my “excessive sleep” to the point where I don’t hear our son cry, forcing hubby to deal with it.”

While she succeeded in the short term, the ruse was discovered when the man overheard her confessing during a phone call with her sister.

“He found out about it yesterday when I was telling my sister about it on the phone.

“He said I’m playing childish games and not prioritizing my son’s needs like I should.

He replied, ‘boo hoo, I get no credit for being a parent.’ I said that I’m tired of picking up the slack for 6 months then being shamed for wanting him to help.

“I don’t deserve a medal since I get up with the baby, not climb Everest. He said, “Wait til mom finds out about what you’ve been doing.”.

He said his mother called me neglectful towards her grandson and my husband’s work after the argument escalated.

Naturally, the man’s coddling mother took his side.

“She said I was being unreasonable since getting up with the baby was my duty and hearing my son cry should have awoken my maternal instincts, but instead I was being petty and childish for pulling crap like this on a hard working man who needs sleep to function well at work.

“Both of them were giving me hell for what I did, and hubbs has officially moved out after he said he called my bluff.

“He was basically washing his hands of nightly child care and leaving it up to me as a punishment for my disgraceful acts.”

Additionally, she added a few updates since her initial post, saying she is currently suspended from work but is expected to return shortly and that her husband has a habit of bringing his mother into their arguments, as well as that she finds her mother-in-law “loud” and “intimidating.”

Redditors jumped in and shared their thoughts about the situation.

“This is his baby too and he has no right to expect that you wake up multiple times every night for months while he does not.”

Someone else added: “He’s a parent too.”

“But he’s still a little kid, as he ran to his mother whining about what you did.

“He doesn’t respect the care work you perform as a parent and seems very immature.”.

“Stand your ground now or things will never improve.”

Third: “I will be giving birth tomorrow and my husband and I have already decided he will work the 10p-2a shift and I will work the 2a-6a shift since he is a night owl and I am a morning person.

“For his mom to fight his battles is ridiculous, since we both get sleep and help.”

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