5 reasons why married men won’t leave their wives for side chicks

Men who c.h.e.a.t on their wives always promise to leave their wives in order to marry these other girls.

Regularly, the spouse will be accused of being horrible in mattress, old, and fats, amongst other things. Guess what? They won’t leave her.

Men who c..h.e.a.t on their wives all the time seem to thrive on juggling their lives and sharing their time between their household and their secret affair. It’s like biting big chunks out of your cake each time while still getting the whole thing.

There are a few reasons why dishonest married men do not leave their spouses for side chicks.

1. A thing of image

As married people, men realize how high their status is in society, and they usually do not want to lose that. Many c.h.e.a.ting men are respected members of society’s institutions like the church, mosques, companies, etc.

For them, leaving their wives for no reason, just to be with the side chick, mistress, or sugar girl is the last thing on their minds.

2. Wives allow them

Women have given men corridor passes to c.h.e.a.t as much as they need, with statements like “all men c.h.e.a.t” and “it’s fine if he cheats as long as he respects me enough to keep it away from me.”.

If women willfully choose to be in the dark about their husband’s sneaky methods, the bar is set to lower. In refusing to hold them to the expected standard of faithfulness, wives allow these men to roam, ready to receive them with open arms any time they return home.

We can’t really blame girls that much for this. The structure of society makes girls believe and accept that being with someone who cheats is better than being single at a certain age, or worst, being single with children or divorced.

3. He loves his wife

Although the idea that someone would love his wife and c.h.e.a.t on her may seem illogical, it does seem to happen. A lot of people who claim to love their wives have been known to have side chicks despite a staunch and unshakable decision to never let go of them no matter how good a mistress gets.

It is common for this kind of man to see the side chick as just a game and he must have already compartmentalized his mind to keep it that way. Instead of leaving his wife for her, he would replace the sidekick.

4. His children

Also, married men don’t leave their wives for side chicks because they want their kids to grow up in a ‘functional’ and ‘complete’ family.

5. Why disturb a method that works?

You could have given him ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴄᴏᴜʀsᴇ without commitment all alongside, allowing him the benefit of your luscious physique before he returns to his family at night. Then why would he suddenly want to modify that?

A working method cannot be modified. The dishonest man will always want to have the benefit of both

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