Sisters Surprise Stepmom On Mother’s Day; Ask Her To Officially Adopt Them In Emotional Video

On May 9, sisters Julianna and Gabriella Ruvolo released a video on TikTok showing them giving their stepmother Becky a photo book.

During Mother’s Day this year, a New Jersey woman received a life-changing surprise when her husband’s twins asked her to adopt them. Julianna and Gabriella Ruvolo, sisters, shared a video on TikTok on May 9 showing them giving their stepmother Becky a photo book for the occasion.

While she flips through the pages and reads them aloud, the two girls next to her patiently wait for her to reach the page with the big surprise. When Becky finally reaches the last page and reads the suggested question, she breaks down in tears and tells the sisters, “Of course I would!””””

Pete, the twins’ father, captured the touching moment on film, which has since become popular on social media. Later, Becky admitted to GMA that she was unaware the two girls were planning to propose. “I was just taken aback when I heard that,” she said. „It was pure shock and honor, and I was just like, ‘Is this really happening?’”

I thought, what a better time to ask the biggest question we’ll probably ever ask?” Julianna said. “And why not on Mother’s Day?” she asked. We should ask our mom to officially become our mother on the day dedicated to her.” The twins have always enjoyed their relationship with their stepmother.

When she was eight years old, Juliana and Gabriella became her first friends. Becky was able to create an instant bond with the girls within seconds. “I was worried when I met the girls,” the mother admits, “but we hit it off.” “Then it just kind of snowballed and spilled into our family.”

Gabriella fell in love at first sight. We had already referred to her as her mother since it was so natural. “We met as friends, then she became a mother, and it was love at first sight from the beginning,” she said. “We always treated her like a mother.” Julianna added, “She was always willing to help us.”

The twins’ father, who married Becky in 2013, was delighted with how everything turned out for their Mother’s Day surprise. 

Pete was even glad to be able to photograph the event. Watching the events unfold filled me with pride for my daughters and pride for my wife. 

He told People, “I know how pleased that would make her, and it was a memorable occasion.”. “Whether blended or not, it is possible to create a real family.”. “This kind of love is also possible.”.


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