Bride Thinks Her Parents Are Unable To Attend Wedding – As Groom Leads Her Outside, She Sees Them

A wedding day is one of the most magical days in a person’s life. Since they were children, many women dream about their wedding day. 

You intend to invite some of your closest friends and family members to your wedding. What if they are unable to attend?

She feared that her relatives would not be able to attend her wedding because of the paperwork required to obtain a Visa. Getting a Visa to enter the United States might take anywhere from three to five weeks, according to Visa Guide.

She was born in Brazil but now lives in the United States. After meeting Ryan Tickle, they fell in love and got engaged. Nas’s parents were concerned that they might not have the necessary documents in time for the wedding since they still lived in Brazil. Because of the uncertainty and stress of the situation, her parents decided they would not be able to attend their daughter’s wedding.

Their documents, however, would arrive in time for the once-in-a-lifetime event, as they soon discovered. During that time, Nas’ fiancee decided to take advantage of the information while keeping it from Nas. On the morning of the wedding, the bride-to-be video contacted her parents, believing they were in Brazil. She had no idea they were staying at the same hotel. After only a few hours of viewing it virtually, her parents would be able to see her wedding gown in person.

“I got ready and used FaceTime to contact my father so he could see me as a bride,” said Nas.

Alvaro Nascimento, her father, said he had to pretend he was back in Brazil when he received the FaceTime message.

“Oh, my goodness! In order to appear at home, I took off my shirt and messed up my hair. “Hello,” he said as he picked up the phone. After seeing his daughter in her gown, he commented, “Oh, that’s wonderful.”.

A few hours later, the proud parents surprised their daughter with a special gift. Seeing her parents standing off to the corner, the bride was overcome with emotion as her soon-to-be husband walked her outside. When she tumbled to the floor and ran to welcome them, she shed tears of pleasure.

“It was like magic for me,” Nas said. “I don’t know why, but it seemed impossible.” Wishes come true, she said. “It’s better than going to Disney!” she said.

According to her spouse, witnessing the surprise come to life was an amazing experience. “That felt absolutely wonderful,” he remarked. As he continued, “Just seeing how pleased she was, and just seeing them, you know?” He described it as “amazing.”

They couldn’t be happier to have an addition to their family after seeing such a special day with their daughter. “However, we did earn a son,” her father added.


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