Young Boy Gets 18 Million Views On YouTube For Fishing Technique That Uses Only Plastic Bottles

There are two basic methods of fishing with a rod and line: line fishing and rod angling. In rod angling, a pole is tethered to a fishing line or hook, while in line fishing, a fishing line is lowered into water from an elevated position.

On its YouTube channel, Pro Fish Hunter, a young fisherman who is already an expert was featured in January.

His fishing video has already garnered over 18 million views on YouTube, and the approach he employs will astound you.

A young boy arranging his fishing set up

Because he doesn’t have any expensive equipment, he catches fish with plastic bottles and strings. Even though that seems implausible, he shows that it is possible.

In the 8-minute video, the boy fishes in a river with his own gear.

Preparing his bait is the first step. Instead of using little fish, bugs, or worms, the boy wraps a doughy substance around each hook.

A young boy arranging his fishing set up

He then goes to the river’s edge, where he lays out his fishing lines and plants four reeds along the bank. A child untangled the fishing line from the plastic bottles and secured them with wooden sticks.

When the child threw the lines into the water, it was clear that he was an expert. He let the fishing lines do their job. After all, it might be exhausting to sit by the lake and wait for the lines to catch some fish.

A young boy throwing fishing lines into the water

The boy returns after three hours to find distorted reeds and larger lines, indicating that fish were caught.

On the first bottle, he pulls the line in. Even though he didn’t seem to fight much, you might think it was a minor capture, but the fish was about half his size when it came out of the water!

He then catches another fish, but this time it was smaller.

The third one was the easiest to catch because it was the tiniest.

He caught his fourth fish, which was the second largest of all the ones he caught that day.

A big fish caught by the young fisherman

The boy had a successful fishing trip overall!

People expressed their support for the boy who caught fish with plastic bottles in the video’s comments section. Here are some of the most notable reactions.

“This is awesome.”. Such confidence and ability at such a young age. Perhaps his difficult life circumstances led him to mature too soon. I wished him luck and prosperity, and I had the highest regard for him.”

“Wow! What good are all those fancy gadgets if you have a creative mind? Because he had a bottle on a stick, he didn’t even have to fight the fish. You go, kid! Remember how strong he is for lifting those fish by himself.”

You were well raised!””” 

Give your kids a hand! They can handle themselves just fine. That makes them more attractive! He’s a real angler! See how far he stretches the line! It was fantastic coming from South Africa.”

In the video below, you can see the young fisherman in action.


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