13-Year-Old With Special Needs Makes Entire Audience Laugh With Original Comedy Song On Britain’s Got Talent

On Britain’s Got Talent, Dante Marvin, 13, wowed the judges and the crowd with his creative performance.

Dante Marvin, a teenage contestant with brittle bone disease, already won the Pride of Britain award, but he received a standing ovation for his performance on Sunday.

Amanda Holden began the conversation by asking him his name and commenting how much she liked the name Dante. Her next question was about his age and if he should have been in school at the time, as well as whether he told them he was auditioning for BGT.

Dante explained that he was playing a song he wrote during the lockdown, which included jokes about BGT judge Simon Cowell.

The amusing lyrics read, “I’m just 13.” I’ve fractured 97 bones so far. The hospital is my second home. But all I want to say is, don’t feel sorry for me because you’re hurting. I get to ride the rides at Disneyland while you wait.”

“I’ve been to Buckingham Palace, I’ve ridden up and down,” he said. “The Crown” is the closest you’ll get. As you wait for your train in the cold and rain, I’ll be getting in first with my lovely little ramp.”

However, the judges and audience couldn’t stop laughing at the following lyrics: “When I got new wheels, they looked so great.” “Last birthday, I blew out 13 candles, Simon had 62,” he sang, before adding, “I was thrilled like Simon when he got a new face.”

Those are some witty lyrics from a child who doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him or his situation. Dante Marvin is a fantastic role model for everyone with a disability. “There are no impairments, only abilities,” he says. Bravo!

Source: godtube.com

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