Man Reunites With Biological Mom After 20 Years And Learns That Had Been Working At The Same Hospital

In November of last year, a Utah man was reunited with his biological mother after receiving an unexpected Facebook post from his original mother. Benjamin Hulleberg, a middle school substitute teacher, was adopted by Angela and Brian Hulleberg when he was a newborn. He has known about his adoption since he was a child, but he has always been fascinated by his birth mother, who he only knew by her first name, Holly.

As Benjamin recalled his talk with his adoptive parents, he said, “We always had an upbeat discussion.”. Either my parents thanked Holly or they talked about how grateful I am to have her and how I hope to meet her someday.”

Meanwhile, Holly Shearer could not stop thinking about the baby she had put up for adoption on Thanksgiving Day 20 years ago. “He was constantly on my mind. The 36-year-old experiences a roller coaster of emotions over the holidays and on his birthday, according to Good Morning America. During the holidays, “I couldn’t stop thinking about him.”

During Holly’s adolescence, she placed her child for adoption, and the Hullebergs wrote her letters and sent her pictures of her baby for three years. Their adoption agency closed in 2014, and Shearer was naturally curious about her son. In an effort to locate Benjamin on social media, she came across his Facebook page.

“I was hesitant to approach him when I found him, as he was 18 years old. There was a lot going on in his life…. I didn’t want to cause a snag in his plans. So I just stood there and observed from afar, recalled the 36-year-old. Benjamin was also on the lookout for her. He had registered with an adoption registry in hopes of finding her and planned to write her letters. He even underwent a DNA test in order to find his biological mother, who he only knew as Holly.

In November of last year, she wished Benjamin a happy birthday, and his life has never been the same since. “I remember exactly where I was when I received the message. I was at work. As a machine operator, I remember being assigned to machine No. 15 “Benjamin agreed.”.

“I was in the middle of our hourly quality checks when I noticed her message, which I promptly replied to.”. When she contacted me back and explained who she was, Benjamin broke down in tears. “I broke down in tears.”. This was all a whirlwind of good feelings. I had been looking forward to this day for the past 20 years, and the fact that it was actually happening was incredible. There was a lot to take in at once.”

Holly was surprised at the sudden offer, so he set up a meeting right away. “The next day, my family and I planned a dinner at Red Robin.” she said. “I couldn’t wait any longer.” she said. A young man remarked, “I’ve been waiting for 20 years and I’ve had enough.”.

They also discovered they had been working at the same location for the past two years. Benjamin volunteered at St. Mark’s Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit while Holly worked there as a medical assistant.

“I entered the building every morning through the women’s pavilion. This meant I drove straight past the NICU every day. We were both parked in the same garage, possibly on the same floor, and were unaware that we were so close to “The mother expressed herself.”.

It has been a truly “therapeutic” experience for Benjamin. “I had a small hole in me that I wasn’t aware of, and finding them filled it nicely. I feel complete and whole. “I feel like I’m ready to move forward in my life now,” he explained.


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