Little Girl Writes Letter To ‘Dad In Heaven’ And Receives Incredible Response

A stranger’s amazing act of generosity was just what a family in Washington County needed.

Tami Avolia’s son Travis Larson was killed in a shooting in 2017, just weeks after learning he was going to be a father.

Milan, his 4-year-old daughter, misses him every day, and his family cannot accept the fact that he will never return.

“He didn’t just take my son,” Avolia explained. “He kidnapped my best friend.” He abducted his daughter’s father. “She never got the chance to meet him,” Avolia explained.

“We had the gender reveal party a week prior,” she continues. “He was thrilled that we were expecting a girl.”

It was Avolia’s idea to combine her son’s birthday celebrations with Milan’s daughter’s birthday celebrations in April, so they released ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons and attached a note.

“She wrote him a note, which I interpreted as, “Happy birthday, dad.” I love you. I miss you. I never wanted you to leave. Congratulations on your special day. Avolia said, “Baby girl.”


“A few days later I went to the mailbox and started pulling the package out and saw that it was from Daddy in heaven to Baby Girl and just started screaming,” Avolia said.

The balloons were discovered by a woman in Brier Hill, according to a postal worker in Fayette County, who then sent a box to the mail to be sent to the family a few days later.

“Dad” addressed the gift to “Baby daughter.” There was a message inside the gift saying, “I love your birthday present.” Dad loves you, Mommy, and the rest of the family. Here’s a gift I made especially for you. The note said, “I hope you enjoy them.”

Aviola and her family discovered three handmade ornaments inside the parcel. “I’m bringing you a kiss from heaven. They’re Christmas tree ornaments.” Snowflakes are divine kisses. I love you dearly. I began the letter with, “Dad.”

Milan’s reaction to seeing the package her father had brought her was wonderful to see,” Avolia said of the grin on her face when she saw the package her father had sent.


That was a delightful surprise for Avolia, who expressed her gratitude by saying it gave her hope for the future in a world that was getting worse by the day.

I lost faith in humans after what I had gone through. It was returned to me. Thank you, whomever you are. Avolia said, “I would like to express my gratitude.”.

It was a lovely gesture by this woman toward a family she had never met before. Let us be compassionate and open our hearts to those who are grieving and suffering.

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