Homeless Man Starts Company, Becomes Rich and Hires Only Other Homeless People

Drew Goodall didn’t always live the life of a homeless man. Acting career began to fail when he was in his mid-twenties. It wasn’t the roles he wanted, and then he didn’t get any at all.

The London-based CEO was a rising star at the time, but things quickly went south. He couldn’t keep a roof over his head. After it seemed that things couldn’t get any worse, he was forced to take to the streets.  Many years later, he was back in his former shoes. Now, he is the CEO of Sunshine Shoeshine, a shoe shine business that employs homeless people and makes £250,000 a year. Getting as many people out of the dark hole as possible is his goal.

We rise by lifting others

Drew told the BBC about the man who helped him get back on his feet and back on the floor every day. According to Drew, he has been homeless since he was 16 and endured the bite of London’s cold and violent crawling. A regular of his offered him a job in the office lobby.

From grass to grace

Drew was able to transform Sunshine Shoeshine into a successful business through years of hard work, dedication and determination. He has several locations in London and many employees. Drew has earned a decent amount of money so he can get off the streets. Furthermore, he was able to stop hiding from the police who had been working against him.

The most important part of Drew’s story is that he only hired homeless and disadvantaged people. By helping others who suffer the same terrible fate, he offers them the opportunity to improve their lives and find meaning. Drew will never forget where he came from and what he experienced.

Alan, one of Drews’ beneficiaries who suffers from poor mental health and poor vision, said the job saved his life. It made sense to him, he said.

 It has given him confidence and made him feel like a human being again. “Sunshine has given me a job history.”. They have helped me show the articulated skills employers want to see on a resume. It gives me a bit of a future that I didn’t have before by having a job with a work history”. Alan’s life has changed for the better since he was hired. He now lives in a better world.

Drew doesn’t accuse others of judging homeless people too quickly. He believes that’s unfair. Draw leads a comfortable and happy life, and he finds fulfillment in helping others in the same condition he lived a few years ago.

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