Teacher Gives Student His Own Shoes So He Doesn’t Miss His Graduation

So he wouldn’t miss his graduation ceremony, a Louisiana teacher gave his own shoes to a student. Daverius Peters missed his graduation because a dress code forbade graduates from wearing sneakers to the ceremony. Now a teacher in Louisiana is handing out his own shoes to his student so they can attend his graduation. The state of Louisiana considers dark shoes acceptable under the dress code, but students can wear colored shoes. The teacher plans to discuss Louisiana’s policies with the administration.

A kind teacher gave the boy his own shoes so that he would not miss the most important moment of his life. Teacher took off his shoes at the last minute of the ceremony and handed them to him. The teacher allowed the boy to go out with his classmates and receive his diploma with a humorous comment.

The school’s dress code prohibits male graduates from wearing sneakers. Dark shoes and tennis shoes are also prohibited.

Daverius was forbidden from attending the ceremony for wearing the black leather Alexander McQueen shoes that violated the dress code. He noticed that the shoes did not fit the school’s habits.

They stopped me and told me I couldn’t wear my shoes. My shoes were black and dark, and I was stopped because of them. I was shocked. As a child without shoes, I was confused.

John Butler intervened after the boy was humiliated in front of his friends. Seeing the boy in a state of panic, he immediately took off his own shoes and gave them to him. Butler knew he was doing the right thing at the time. He described the entire situation in a touching Facebook post.

The doors were closed at the last minute. I was approached by my younger brother in panic. Afterward, he told the lady he couldn’t go to get his diploma without the shoes.

I gave him the shoes right away. He won’t miss his graduation. The thoughtful teacher was praised on social media for helping the student with the ceremony. The shoe-swapping situation confused part of his own family.

In USA Today’s report, relatives of the students arrived at the last minute before the ceremony, unaware that the students would miss the chance to receive their diplomas. The family argued that Daverius should have been on stage when the students came on.

Because I didn’t know what was going on and what this child was going through, I burst into tears. He was wearing brown shoes. In the end, Mr. Butler contacted me and I had a conversation with him, asking him what had happened.

And Mr. Butler told me a funny story about the shoe incident.

In his Facebook post, he added:

“Here’s the funny part, my shoes were a size bigger than his, so when his name was called, he had to slide his feet like Sleestak across the stage, we laughed.”

Daverius recalled:

“At first, he asked what size I was. He gave me his shoes after asking what size I was. I slipped on his shoes like slippers because they were so big.”

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