Mother And Daughter Have Spent Over $86,000 On Matching Cosmetic Surgeries To Look Like Their Favorite Model

Women have always been under a lot of pressure to look “perfect.” These pressures drive some people to go to great lengths to try and meet this unattainable beauty standard. Some women follow fad diets, others follow rigorous workout regimens, and still others follow lengthy skincare regimens. However, others opt for cosmetic surgery. Like everything else, this can quickly become a full-fledged addiction.

This is exactly what happened to a mother-daughter team in the United Kingdom. Both of them underwent plastic surgery to look like Kate Price, their favorite star. In 2015, we first learned about the length, time, and money they spent on procedures. Now they are in this position.


In 2015, Georgina Clark and Kayla Morris spent a total of $86,000 on plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. It was their goal to resemble their idol, British celebrity Kate Price, as closely as possible. They had been working on this project for quite some time.

Kayla first expressed interest in plastic surgery in 2009, when she was only 11 years old. Her mother, Georgina, knew she wanted a boob job. As opposed to sitting her daughter down and telling her that she was beautiful just the way she was, Georgina was very encouraging. She enjoyed the thought of her daughter wanting to change her physical appearance through surgery.

According to the then 38-year-old mother in an interview, “I was glad Kayla wanted surgery and a boob job.” “I was relieved since I wanted her to be like that.”

From that moment on, the two began plotting their changes. When she was 17, Kayla started stripping in a Birmingham club to help pay for her and her mother’s education. Afterwards, she found a ‘sugar daddy’ in that club, who began paying for the couple’s operations as well. Georgia was a proud mother.

Kayla spoils me and pays for my surgery and other expenses for me. “I’m living the dream,” she explained. “I’m so lucky.” I’m so proud of her. “I am,” she replies.

What the mother-daughter team hasn’t accomplished is a better question. Among the procedures they’ve had are boob jobs, lip injections, semi-permanent cosmetics, botox, teeth whitening, and hair extensions. Currently, they are also considering buttock augmentation (butt lifts). They stated that they would continue to undergo treatment until they were satisfied with their appearance. In 2015, they had not yet achieved that goal.

After four years, the two appeared on Jeremy Kyle’s The Kyle Files for a sort of tell-all interview. In this interview, Jeremy discussed Kayla’s parenting practices with the 42-year-old mom. Georgina, who had previously expressed delight in everything her daughter had accomplished, now felt less so.

As a teenager, the mother allowed her daughter to dance, strip, and have s..e..x with older men in order to afford plastic surgery. Incredulous, he asked her what kind of mother would do something like that.

 Despite initially denying knowing anything about it, she changed her tune after the outpouring of Twitter comments, as well as past interviews that proved otherwise. She also said that she sensed something wasn’t quite right and felt “rubbish” about the situation. She admitted to having a cosmetic procedure addiction. However, she was still dissatisfied with her appearance.


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