‘My Mother-in-Law Got A Tattoo Of My Children’s Names Without Asking Me First’

Tattoos can be significant, but some individuals go above and beyond with them. This is especially true if your in-laws are involved. When you marry someone, you are also marrying their family. Though you may think that your family is unimportant to you, they are, and before you know it, you’re faced with two choices. Live in peace with them or go to war with them. Relationships and limits can easily become muddled, even if it is not your fault. Herein lies the problem.

In the midst of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflict, a mother turned to Mumsnet, a parenting network. An anonymous poster claimed that her mother-in-law tattooed the names of her children on her leg in a now-deleted thread. Though the behavior was endearing, she was disappointed that she had not been given permission to do so.

Due to the fact that the MIL did not receive the mother’s approval. The woman wondered if she was being unreasonable.

According to The Mirror, her husband told her, “My mother-in-law got my children’s names tattooed on her thigh over her own children’s names,” while on a visit to her mother’s house. I’m annoyed because she didn’t ask for our consent.”

In addition, her mother-in-law had tattooed the name of her own son. Though the woman may be upset about the names of her children being tattooed, we do not believe she has any reason to be upset about the name of her husband. After all, she is the mother of the man in question.

It was reasonable if the husband was the one enraged. Neither my husband nor I have tattoos, so she understands how we felt when she got my husband’s name tattooed on her. Is it fair to say that I’m irritated and that she should have told us first? I haven’t seen her yet.”

She was booed by the entire forum for her outspoken opinions.

“Are you this controlling in other areas of your life?” one user wondered. However, even if you call your children by that name, you are aware that you do not own it. Likewise, you do not own your mother. law’s “Extremely strange.”

A second commenter said, “You are being unreasonable.”. You’d have a reason to be irritated if she had her name tattooed on your child’s leg.”

Source: heart.co.uk

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