76-Year-Old Woman Is Engaged to a 19-Year-Old Boy despite People Claiming He Needs Her Money

The couple takes “age is just a number” to a whole new level.

 Giuseppe D’Anna, 19, proposed on TikTok to his “soul mate” who is 76 years old. The post included a photo of him on one knee in front of his girlfriend, kissing her, and the ring he gave her. Also, there are selfies of the two of them together, where she is carrying a red rose. The video has the caption “La nostra promessa” which means “our promise”. An additional video caption reads, “And this is just the beginning of a long series”.

Image Credit: @milina_gatta | TikTok

She is literally as old as his great, great grandmother.

Giuseppe D’Anna has over 370,000 followers, who had mixed responses to his news. A viewer said, “I have so many questions.” Others thought the 57-year age gap was disgusting, while others speculated what led to this pairing. 

Some suggested he was after the money in her will. As one wrote, “Oh she rich… We all know what he in it for.” One asked, “How many billions does Grandma have in her account?” Someone else wrote, ‘‘She is literally old enough to be his great great grandmother.’

However, some viewers don’t buy the relationship at all. The unnamed fiancee may actually be Giuseppe’s grandmother, and they are playing a prank on his viewers. Giuseppe ignores the hateful and suspicious commenters, insisting that their relationship is real. In one comment, 

he responded by saying “’my love is beautiful [heart emoji]’‘. In the proposal videos, he smiles alongside his fiancee, who was born in 1946.

As one supportive fan wrote, “Y’all quit being mean.” Others praised the couple, saying love knows no age and they looked “adorable.” 

They look cute together, and for being 76 or 74 she looks so much younger.” Another said, “don’t listen to the hate dating who makes you happy [heart emoji] love who you feel is right for you.”

If this proposal was a prank, then the views make it a success. Giuseppe had about 190,000 followers on May 25 and 370,000 on June 7. And the post announcing their engagement has received more than 71 million views.


My love💚@peppedanna1

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Other Relationships with a Large Age Gap

Giuseppe and his bride-to-be are not the only couple with a significant age gap. 57 years is impressive, but Gertrude Grubb Janeway and John Janeway hold the world record. Gertrude Janeway was 18 years old when she married Union Civil War veteran John Janeway on July 3, 1909. On June 9, 1927, he was 81 years old. They were 63 years apart in age. Gertrude was the last living widow of a Civil War veteran when she passed away in 2003. 

There are also many famous couples who have significant age gaps. Robert Duvall married Luciana Duvall in 2004 with a 41-year age difference. He was 74 and she was 32. In 2012, actor Alec Baldwin married actress Hilaria Thomas with a gap of 26 years, when she was 28 and he was 54. In terms of couples with an older woman, Joan Collins and Percy Gibson have an age difference of 32 years. Joan married Percy for the fifth time in 2002, when she was 68 and he was 36.

Do Large-Age Gap Relationships Work?

A large age gap is more common than one might think, even if it is not as drastic as 50 years or more. 

Age can influence a relationship, but it’s not always a dealbreaker. There are certain difficulties that are phase-of-life related. These can include life priorities, life plans, health concerns, energy levels, and emotional maturity. In addition, large age gaps can lead to power imbalances and social stigma, but these problems can be anticipated and addressed. 

The success of any relationship depends on a combination of factors including emotional intelligence, good communication, boundaries, financial security, satisfaction with intimacy, etc. Age is only one factor among many. 

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