Why you shouldn’t sleep with the TV on

Have you ever fallen asleep watching TV? Probably more than once.

Is the habit okay with you? In the end, what harm can a TV do when you are asleep? You are mistaken.

Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep with your TV on.

This disrupts the sleep process and negatively impacts your health.

According to scientists, the human body needs to sleep in complete darkness. The light receptors in the retina warn us when it is time for awakening and prevent the body from producing melatonin (sleep hormone).

When it gets dark, the situation is reversed. When the body receives the signal that it is time to sleep, it releases melatonin. You will have a restless sleep if you’re subjected to excessive light at that moment, like that from the television, since the light interferes with your basic body functions, your circadian rhythm, and your ability to enter the state of sleep in which you are most relaxed.

When you wake up, you feel sleepy, bad mood, and anxious.

The same holds true for sleeping with your computer on or dimmed lights-neurological research has shown that both lead to bad moods, so you should resolve these bad habits. The only way to sleep without the TV is to set it on ‘sleep’ at a certain time of the night to minimize the consequences of bad dreams.

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