Ever seen repeating numbers on the clock? Here’s what they are trying to tell you!

You will be followed by numbers. They will follow you everywhere. There are numbers on phone numbers, account numbers, lottery tickets, license plates, billboards, and anything else you can identify. You might be followed by the same numbers everywhere and they might try to tell you something. 

Numbers are a specific way for the universe to communicate with you. The same number appears everywhere – in addresses, on the phone, on the clock. The universe might be trying to tell you something.

Initially, you may not even recognize it as a coincidence. However, repeating numbers and number sequences can help you analyze how your life may have evolved. The universe may be trying to communicate with you in different ways that you can easily understand.

That may be a signal from unseen forces to pay attention to important matters in your life. 

If you can notice when you are called by repeating numbers, this indicates that unseen forces, angles, and spirit need to connect with you or to get through to you. Also, different numbers patterns have different meanings such as 11:11 says you are connected to your soul, you are on the right path, and you are doing good. 

You have strong feelings of revealing your dreams, and you also have an unbreakable bond with the universe.

What These Repeating Numbers Are Telling You:

Seeing 1:

It signifies a new beginning and reveals what you think. It also means that you know what you need in your life and that you are in touch with your soul.

Seeing 2:

This is an encounter with partnerships and relationships. Consider the soul friends and soul mates you find in your life. You should also be able to balance the give and take of your relationships.

Seeing 3:

Trinity number refers to the soul, body, and mind. When you have all three levels working properly, you will feel fulfilled. It is an alert to reconsider what is out of control if you see 3.

Seeing 4:

You have the opportunity to be in a relationship, to find a partner. The fourth number represents home and family. So, you might have met or meet someone who may become a substitute family member in the future. You should also let go of your stress.

Seeing 5:

Your life will start moving forward in a positive direction when this happens. If you are worried, or losing your confidence, or scared of something, be happy and follow your heart. Everything will be all right.

The number 5 is also a symbol of change. You are going to experience a huge change in your life, and it is definitely a positive one.

Seeing 6:

The number 6 indicates that you are going through a difficult period and are worried about something. The universe is telling you to relax.

As well, this suggests that you are moving downward in your life and need to get through it. Therefore, you need to relax more.

Seeing 7:

The number seven signifies both the beginning and the end. The world was created in seven days, there are seven chakras, and seven is a lucky and mystical number.

Additionally, this is an indication that you are becoming a more conscious individual and that you may have more opportunities to learn and grow. Also, you’ll learn better ways of living that’ll inspire others to change.

Seeing 8:

Vibration of power, money, and abundance. You are tapped into the hidden monarchy of the universe if you see 8. The universe is showing you an endless supply of excess. So, when you see it, you need to understand it and take action.

Seeing 9:

A new beginning is shown by closing the previous door. You can move on with your life without being in relationships that make you feel insecure. Let go of people, jobs, feelings, and other things that don’t serve you well. You’ll meet new people and find new circumstances.

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