A Father and Daughter Invite Homeless Man to Eat With Them at Their Table | ‘There Is Compassion in This World’

A picture of a father and daughter helping a homeless man went viral.

The photographer of this picture, Willy Chong, was eating bak kut teh outside a shop when he captured a moment of beauty in Malaysia in 2019. Bak kut teh, a Malaysian dish of pork ribs, broth, and spices, is often shared among friends and family.

Chong spotted a hungry homeless man walking around the shop. Watching the customers eat at the shop, he stroked his stomach. One man observed the homeless individual and intervened. Another man watched and watched. He invited the man to join him and his daughter at the table, and then he ordered extra food for them to share.

A small girl welcomed the stranger immediately and asked her father to get him a cup of Chinese tea. Chong was touched by the young girl and her father’s generosity, so he took a photo of them together. The picture went viral on Facebook. 

Apparently, Chong wrote in the caption (translated), “I was very touched by something I saw today.”. 

The Indian brother in green is a vagrant. He rubbed his stomach as he stood at the door of this Bak Kut Teh shop.” He added, “The brother in red saw him and asked if he was hungry.” 

The Chinese brother (in red) invited the vagrant to sit down and ordered some food for him.” He continued, “There is compassion in this world.” Congratulations to this father and daughter. This father is such a role model. This is the right way to raise a child.”

Additionally, he wrote in the caption that Malaysia is a multi-racial country. There is no race that cannot coexist in harmony. This is how Malaysia can progress.” A number of people applauded the father and daughter in the comments. Another user wrote, “He is teaching her well.” A third user said, “If people show kindness, the world will be a much better place.”

The father was praised for modeling kindness for his child. Even at such a young age, the child understood the man’s condition and invited him to eat with them.

source : daily.lessonslearnedinlife.com

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