When A Man Ignores You, He Only Wants To Teach You This

The silly, outdated myth that playing hard to get will get you the attention you so desperately desire causes men to lose women more frequently than ever before.

Due to this false perception in their heads that if they ignore the woman they are interested in, she will be more attracted to them, they give the exact opposite impression of what they want.

In some cases, men believe that if they hurt her and make her feel bad about herself, she will come crawling to them, begging for approval and validation.

They think their manipulative ways will get them far, but they could not be more wrong. They keep forgetting one very important thing. The heinous treatment only works on inexperienced women, at best.

A real woman knows what she wants.

A fulfilled woman does not have time to play games. When you are ready to be real with her, to love her, and to treat her right, she will do the same for you. Alternatively, if she notices that you are not being honest, that you are playing games, and that you are not serious about her – she will walk away from you.

When you love someone, you can’t ignore them.

It is counterproductive to withhold your love and affection from someone you love. Women love to be loved, cherished, and showered with attention. She wants to know she can count on you always and that you will have her back. If you do not provide what she needs, she will leave you. It’s that simple.

When a man ignores a woman, what happens?


In addition, many men think that it is best not to reveal their true feelings to their partner in a relationship. They forget that honesty is the foundation of any successful relationship. Women value honesty above all else. They know that they cannot have true intimacy with a dishonest partner. They want their partner to be truly open, honest, and vulnerable with her. They want to know the depth of his soul.

Men, if you want a real woman by your side, turn off your phone when you’re with her and only focus on her. Be attentive, caring, and loving. Always treat her with respect.

If you treat her right, she could fall in love with you and reward you with even more love and affection. This could be the start of a wonderful relationship built on trust, love, and honesty.

By loving her in the right way, she will respond to you with even more love and affection.


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