Elderly Couple Turned Away At Disney Gates And Told Not To Enter

Disney is often referred to as the happiest place on Earth, but for one couple, it was a disappointment. A couple in their 70s was denied entry to a Disney park because they were in their 70s.

As you can see from the fine print, Disney has the option to prohibit any type of access for almost any reason. It could be someone breaking their dress code or they could be carrying a prohibited item.

The park took strong measures to ensure that everyone in the park was safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. They instituted mandatory facemasks, social distancing, and park reservations.

The elderly couple came to the park with tickets, but they did not have a reservation.

The situation was tweeted by someone who witnessed it. They talked about how an elderly couple, referred to as a 70-year-old couple, was turned away from Disney Park because they did not have a reservation.

It was absolutely amazing to see a 70 year old couple turned away because they bought *tickets* but did not have reservations for today. #Disneyland.”

On social media, there were many who defended the older couple, but not everyone did so. It was even claimed that anyone should be able to make a reservation since it wasn’t hard to do.

Walt Disney World reopened its parks quickly after the entire world was closed due to COVID-19. After the reopening in July 2020, restrictions are still in place, but the parks are open to the extent that many features are back in place.

According to UndercoverTourist.com, guests with passes or tickets including the Park Hopper option must reserve a Disney Park Pass for the first park they plan to visit and enter that first park before visiting another. In addition, Park Hopper hours begin at 2 p.m. each day and end at the park’s scheduled closing time, and entry is still subject to capacity limits (though to date, capacity limits have not affected hoppers’ ability to hop more than once).”

Disney has not yet addressed the situation, but one thing is clear: they take the issue of having a reservation very seriously.

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  1. BOYCOTT DISNEY, How sad how treated this elderly company I really Disney goes broke . I am truly sad .