Woman Is Pregnant Seven Weeks With Twins And The Dad Leaves

As things appeared to be going well between Miai Knight and her boyfriend, she decided to take a pregnancy test. When the test came back positive, she couldn’t have been happier.

Her entire world changed when she realized she was going to become a mother. She wanted to see a doctor to find out more, and when she did, she found out that she was pregnant with twins and was five weeks along.

She told her boyfriend about the good news, but he wasn’t very excited. She was even told that she should abort the pregnancy.

When she refused, he decided he had enough and didn’t want to take on the responsibility. He left her to raise the children alone.

In the end, Miai decided not to have the abortion and moved in with her mother. Additionally, she did not tell anyone else she was pregnant, and she became depressed because she would now be a single mom with two children.

At 34 weeks pregnant, she began experiencing some difficulties and was rushed to the hospital. The hospital was three hours away and she was suffering from heart failure and contractions.

She was able to give birth to twin girls and they are all doing well. Even though her boyfriend left, she chose to raise her children and be the best mother she could be.

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