Couple Retires At 50 To Live On Cruise Ships Because Its Cheaper Than Paying A Mortgage

Spending just $43 per day, or $15,696 per year, the couple lives on a cruise ship.

The key to a fulfilling retirement is to live your best life. At least, that should be the case.

It just so happens that #cruiselife is as well.
The Burks decided to combine two and two for their retirement.

In their 50s, the couple from Seattle, Washington, has always wanted to travel after retirement.

Traveling from one cruise ship to another is something they enjoy doing.
It is also more affordable than a mortgage. Yes! According to FOX 56 WOLF, the cost of living on a cruise ship is only $43 per day, or $15,696 per year. According to CNN, that figure is $89 to $100 per day. They occasionally allow themselves to spend up to $135 per day, or $49,275 per year, according to Angelyn.

This year, Angelyn says, “we have booked 86 cruise days at an average cost of $89/day for both of us.” “This includes lodging, meals, entertainment, travel, tips, and port charges.” The cost is well within our retirement budget.

1992 saw Angelyn take her first cruise. She and Richard started taking yearly and occasionally biannual cruises after getting married.

They can support their new cruise lifestyle with their combined funds and the sale of their home.
In 2021, they began to calculate statistics and plan their retirement. After realizing they could cruise for the rest of their lives, they started their new cruise life in May 2021.

According to Angelyn, “our original idea was to stay in several countries for several months at a time, and eventually retire to a cruise ship as we aged.” We were looking for a practical strategy to continue traveling after retirement since we love to travel.

For the trip, they only brought one luggage.

Cruises are scheduled so they depart from the same port where the previous one ended.
When their cruise timelines don’t match, they simply stay on shore for a little while. Spending time with family and friends.

Angelyn can count on one hand the number of times that’s happened.

They have no immediate plans to settle permanently back on land.
They plan to travel the world. The Burks have visited the Bahamas, Canada, Iceland, Italy, Singapore, and sometimes more than once.

Angelyn and I have always been thrifty in order to save money and make investments in order to reach our goals. We value experiences over material possessions.

With some careful planning and financial management, many people can become regular cruisers.

The following is the translation:
First, make sure you’re up for the cruise lifestyle and are interested in spending your days at sea.
Enroll in loyalty programs and keep an eye out for cruise line discounts.

If you want to save money between boarding ships, you will need to be flexible with your trip dates and stay put as long as you can.
Furthermore, you should be aware of your budget, avoid purchasing beverage bundles, and choose the cheapest accommodations.
As a cruise is more of a way of life than a vacation, you don’t want to waste money on gambling and other activities.
You should also pack lightly. You can always purchase anything you need when traveling.


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