Five-Year-Old Boy Cannot Attend Friend’s Party: Two Days Later, His Parents Receive A “Fine”

Families understand how important it is for their children to develop good friendships, and how necessary it is for them to facilitate this process. If two little children play together regularly and have fun, the parents should also interact and try to get along. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and relationships can be severely tested for a variety of reasons.

This is exactly what happened in the story we are about to tell you. The problem started because a child was absent from a friend’s birthday party. Here’s what happened:

The story focuses on Alex Nash and his parents, Derek and Tanya. Alex was invited to his friend’s birthday party when he was five years old. Alex’s parents had given him permission to go, and they had informed the parents of the birthday boy that he would attend. The couple forgot a critical detail: Alex had to visit his grandparents that same afternoon. Therefore, Alex was no longer able to attend the party, and everything seemed to have ended right there – but the problem remained.

Derek and Tanya got a letter containing a fine a few days later. What was the fine for? For Alex’s absence at the birthday party, the two had to pay a fine. This was a rather bizarre request, if you think about it for a moment, and the couple could not believe their ears.

image: woodleywonderworks/Flickr – Not the actual photo

A few days before the party, the mother who had organized it had rented a space for all the guests and asked who would be attending. Alex’s parents were being asked to pay a penalty since they had confirmed his presence. In response, Derek said he would never pay the €20 euros ($21 dollars) being demanded. 

Alex and his wife had not informed the woman about Alex’s absence because they could not find her invitation and did not know how to contact her.

Despite everything, this mother has not been persuaded, and she continues to insist that Alex’s parents pay the fine. She has even gone so far as to tell them that she will be taking them to court. It is a very sad state of affairs, the result of a twisted, demented mind and with very negative implications for the children. In fact, Alex and his friend have stopped playing together and have drifted apart.

image: Pixnio – Not the actual photo

Our lesson from this event is that parents should put aside their pride and their demands, especially in instances like this, in order to prioritize their child’s well-being.

The two children would have stayed friends if nothing had happened between Alex’s parents and his friend’s mother, but this did not happen. Whenever we act, we should always consider the consequences – they might not seem that significant to us, but for the little ones, the opposite could be true.


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