Landlord Outraged Because His Renter Of 18 Years Left The “Most Expensive Parting Gift”

In Oldham, Greater Manchester, a landlord was told to keep the £500 deposit from his tenant, but he claims the real cost is close to £15,000

Danny Hernon, 54, had to dig himself out of the property he owned after his ‘tenant from hell’ left piles of rubbish and faeces for him to navigate.

The 54-year-old landlord says the 18-year tenant left the worst possible parting gift – a £15,000 clean-up bill.

Danny Hernon was suspicious when the woman seemed unwilling to hand back the keys to his three bedroom terraced house, even after moving out over a month ago.

Danny Hernon was about to discover the reason why when he finally entered the house last week in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

A livid landlord was overcome by the stench of waste in every room – but a brazen long-term tenant informed him that her £500 deposit should “cover the carnage.”

There was black mold and filth on surfaces, floors, and lower walls – and restoring the home will cost at least 30 times as much.

Danny Hernon called the police to report the incident as criminal damage.

Video and photos show mounds of rotting rubbish piled waist-high in some areas, including what appears to be feces on the bathroom floor and mounds of used toilet paper.

The rooms are filled with bin bags, junk, rubbish, and rotting food, while thick cobwebs hang from the ceiling.

Danny and his business partner now have to front the estimated £15,000 cost to clear all of the rubbish and replace the soiled interior of the home.

But the pair of landlords have reported their former tenant to the police and council in the hope to get her to pay up for at least some of the damages.

Danny said his former tenant had given her notice to move out, but she kept putting it off even though her tenancy had ended. When he finally picked up the keys, he was horrified when he walked into his home.

“As I walk through the kitchen, I can actually hear things cracking under my feet. That’s all the bottles and plastic rubbish.”.

There was so much stuff on the floor that I had to dig to get to the back door.

“Everything was stuck together – cat litter, dog food, everything.

“In the bathroom she’s obviously done what she’s done and left all the stuff outside of the toilet, so I assume it’s blocked and doesn’t work.”.

Danny didn’t understand how humans could live like that and he felt it had been going on for years for it to get that way.

“If she has been living like that up until a month ago, there is clearly something wrong, but whatever the reason, it shouldn’t have gotten to that state, it is just disgusting.”

The ‘tenant from hell’ rented the house with the help of Universal Credit for 18 years, often having her partner and son stay over as well.

Danny and his business partner were in the process of selling the property when they discovered the vile state it was left in when the tenant moved out.

They now have to put the sale on hold and pay a whopping £15,000 to clear out the trash and replace the soiled flooring, bathroom, kitchen, and internal doors.

Five skips have been filled in five grueling days shovelling the piles of rubbish out of the house by the landlord and a friend.

The goal is to clear the filthy property before Christmas so the property can be refurbished and sold in the new year.


Image source: Image: Kennedy News and Media

Danny also hopes to see his former tenant held accountable for the damage to his property through the courts, in order to hopefully avoid having to deal with the same issue again.

We will take her to court for whatever it costs. “I know she doesn’t have much money, but I don’t think landlords should be left in this situation,” Danny said.

The majority of my tenants have been with me for many years. This is an unusual situation.

This always gets to me because it’s always geared against landlords, as if all landlords are bad and we’re not – I’ve been doing this for 20 odd years and have never encountered a complaint from a tenant.

“You can’t let someone walk away from a house like this without repercussions. It’s unfair for her to leave the next landlord in the same situation.”

Police in Greater Manchester said the incident was reported on December 15 and is being investigated.

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