87-Year-Old Parents Are Brought Into Son’s Basement And See It’s Their New Home

Bonnie and George Miller are 87 years old and entering their golden years happily, despite Bonnie’s body starting to fail and George’s mind beginning to fail. They are determined to live as normally as possible with each other, but their son, Schon, is naturally worried about them.

Schon did not want his parents to end up in a nursing home and that was the very last thing he wanted for them. Things changed when Bonnie fell and broke her shoulder. When that happened, they had no choice but to start looking for senior living options.

Schoon and his wife, Jeannie, began looking for a senior living community with an in-law suite option so they could all remain close by if anything should happen. They were unable to find what they were looking for, so they took matters into their own hands.

A couple decided to renovate their entire basement into a senior living facility. They took down the basement wall, removed everything from the room, including the pool table and karaoke machine, and turned the space into a fully-functional senior living space for his parents.

After the couple moved all of their material items from the basement, the room actually looks very nice! Bonnie was understandably in tears when she walked into the basement and saw that it had become their home. She is wheeled around the suite in a wheelchair, being shown the amenities and where everything is located.

There is even a full bath and a living room. The two are still in shock that this new space is theirs and we’re sure Schon and his wife are even more at ease knowing Bonnie and George are so close.

Several news outlets received a statement from Schoon explaining the whole situation. Schoon deserves a son of the year award!

When mom broke her shoulder falling, we began looking for a house with a finished mother-in-law suite. Since we couldn’t find anything, we blew a hole in the basement wall, removed the pool table, instruments, and karaoke area and moved them in.

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Below is the full video of the home reveal:

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