17 Parents Are Sharing What Real Parenting Looks Like

Parenting is not always an easy and smooth process. It requires a lot of energy, patience, and commitment. 

Although it can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, it can also be exhausting. As a parent, you are likely to experience sleep deprivation, cancelled plans, and a messy home.

The thread Amanda created on Twitter in this regard revealed the real-life experience of herself and others.


She remembers to tell her story. She doesn’t mind having kids. Yet she wants to show the world how a home with children really is.

Let’s see what happens. Let’s see what the parents say. Keep watching until the end.


Placing things in the right place isn’t fun for kids. Kids are like that. Mr. Kerry has a problem. As a father, he is not angry about it.



Children tend to turn the house upside down when no one is around. In any case, she is not angry. A mother’s love.



Parents with small children rarely have time to change their clothes. Look at this mom. She looks tired. She has no time to tidy the house.



Chalk is a favorite tool for kids to draw on the walls. When they found a chalk, pen, or marker, they demonstrated their drawing skills all over the house. For Vanessa, it is not a big deal. She welcomed 5 minutes of silence. What a mother does!



Children are good at repeating the same thing over and over. Adriana isn’t angry about it.



Everything is on the coffee table. Arranging them takes hours. Kids can make a mess in seconds.



Examine this mom’s issue more closely. It’s not something she’s angry about.



How does the space look? How much time will you need to resolve it?



When their children come home after playing outside, parents have a hard time.



Early in the morning, you clean the house before your kids get up, but five seconds later, it’s dirtier than you expected. What happened? Certainly not.



See if you’ve had this experience. The work around us is challenging.




Parents often make mistakes due to the busy schedules of their children. It’s in their nature not to regret anything. The statements below demonstrate this very clearly. Parenting is great because they don’t regret anything.










Kids used to build their dream houses with blankets.


It’s fantastic that so many parents felt completely comfortable sharing images of their children’s messes. However, these images have one thing in common: they’re filled with love and affection. 

Write your thoughts below if you have experienced this too.

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