Little Boy Begs Santa For A ‘Forever Home’ For His Family: ‘I Just Want Us To Be Happy Again’

Saint Nick didn’t give the little boy any toys, games, or chocolates. He had one innocent request – a place to call home. As his family had moved more than ten times, he wanted a permanent place where he could play with his Legos.

Every Christmas, we read stories about a jolly old man in a red coat who presents gifts to kids. Every child wants to be on Santa’s “nice list.”

Louis Williams’ tear-jerking letter to Santa Claus. | Photo:

Nevertheless, some kids also enjoy writing letters to Saint Nicholas, sharing their long holiday wish lists. This 9-year-old boy also hoped Father Christmas would grant his heartfelt wish.

I LOVE YOU, Santa Claus

During the Christmas season of 2017, Louis Williams only had one goal in mind when he wrote to Kris Kringle. He wanted a permanent residence for the holidays. His tear-jerking letter said:

To Santa, I have a forever home this year for Christmas.Christmas.Christmas. I just want all of my old toys that are in storage.”

Further, the kid’s emotional letter stated he wanted a desk to build Lego models in his bedroom. Louis also told St. Nick that his family was sad, and he wanted them to be joyful again.


He concluded the letter by thanking Santa, wishing him a wonderful Christmas, and sending him his love. Nicola Williams was shattered when she saw the note.

Unfortunately, Louis’ performance in class was also affected, and his grades suffered.
Since March 2017, Nicole, Louis, and her two other children lived in temporary housing. Nicola struggled to pay rent despite working two jobs as a trainee teacher and running her own kids party business.


The Williams family has lived in 14 different homes, including two council properties. The couple lived in a two-bedroom duplex in Dartford, Kent, England, which did not have enough space to put up a Christmas tree.

Nicola was on the waiting list for permanent housing, but she constantly moved, which affected her kids, especially Louis. She said she was “gutted” after reading her son’s letter.

She was heartbroken to see what other kids his age wanted and felt bad for letting him down.


Additionally, she shed light on people who were more vulnerable than her, adding that it was sad for someone like Louis to wish for a home at Christmas in today’s world.

A gloomy mom-of-three explained how she managed two jobs but could not afford to pay the rent. 

Nicola, who was born and raised in Manchester, told how Louis passed out at school due to the damp conditions in their home.

Louis’ performance in class was also affected, and his grades dropped. Families continue to face homelessness and poor living conditions, and we hope this holiday season brings hope to everyone.

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