Couple And Their Kids Kicked Out Of Motel For Having No Money Are Gifted A New Apartment

Eddie Walker with his family received funding from Denver7 viewers for a new apartment during the Christmas season once again proving that it’s a month of gifting. Eddie and his family were forced to leave their previous home and had no place to live. Eddie and his family were facing tough times during the holiday season, but a simple, yet generous act of generosity from Denver7 viewers brought them back to happiness.

When Eddie Walker and his family were living in the motel in Colfax, they were evicted because they didn’t have enough money to pay the rent. When Denver7 viewers saw the news about their condition, they banded together to help them.

In an interview with Denver7, Walker recited how inadequate living conditions they have faced at the motel during their stay. Further in the news, Walker mentioned that the motel’s air conditioner was powered by a neighbor’s power supply. There were also ‘funny wires’ protruding out of various areas of the motel, he said. As a result, he did not find the place to be worth living in since he was not getting enough amenities for what he was paying.

Sadly, he made matters worse by revealing the truth in his interview with Denver7. The motel owner evicted him and his family within a few days. Walker reported that, before they were thrown out of the motel, management had given them two options, either to pay rent or to vacate their living space. Walker chose the latter. Denver7 covered this incident again, and this time it had a big impact on their viewers. Upon watching the news, many people wished to help and in very little time a donation of $14000 was raised to cover their rent.

Walker not only received a suitable apartment but also furnished it perfectly with the donations. According to Denver7’s YouTube channel, Russel Haythorn, a reporter for a local news station, was also present at Walker’s new apartment. The Denver7’s Haythorn reported on how the Denver7’s staff coordinated with the family, American Furniture Warehouse, and Arc Thrift store to renovate Walker’s house. Denver7’s staff also presented Walker and his family with a well-decorated tall Christmas tree. American Furniture Warehouse and Arc Thrift Stores also donated many items to them.

In the YouTube channel video, Walkers were also shown that everything was a surprise. The moment the apartment door was opened, the couple and their children were amazed at what they saw. Afterwards, Haythorn explained to the Walkers how everyone worked deliberately for their home. While Walker was asked to share his feelings, he was speechless as he was overwhelmed by emotions, his wife said, they felt joyful and thankful.

Haythorn then asked how life had been earlier to this surprise. Atkinson, Walker’s wife, described it as a difficult time for her family.

She added with teary eyes, “started from the bottom,” and now things were better. He felt at home and reported that he and his family were very happy. A YouTube video showed the family adoring the Christmas tree and showing their gratitude to it. After that, Atkinson told about how they moved from South Carolina to Denver in search of a better lifestyle, and how they stayed at the motel in Colfax. This was the time when they came in contact with Denver7’s news crew.

The YouTube video also featured a tour of the apartment where the Walkers’ rooms could be seen. The girls got twin beds in one room, while the couple got a king-sized bed in the other. Brian Sanchez, an employee of Denver Apartment Finder, noted that he once saw Atkinson wearing a hoodie that read: “Faith In Denver”. Lastly, Mosaic Apartments offered Walker a job.

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