The bride sends out a tiered wedding menu in which the food options are based on the amount of the cash gift.

My only regret is that I won’t be able to attend this wedding.

A bride-to-be was criticized on social media for offering better meals to her guests based on the number of cash gifts presented.


According to a photo of the couple’s RSVP card shared on Reddit’s ‘wedding shaming’ thread, guests were asked to select one of four ‘gift levels’ that corresponded to their dinner choice.

As a result of the RSVP card, guests were offered better meals based on the size of their cash gifts

Jersey Bride reports that the cards were initially sent with the couple’s invitations, but were shared online after guests failed to realize it was just a joke.

After the invitation was widely criticized on Reddit and Twitter, many people called the tiered menu ‘offensive’ and ‘rude.’

The Photo Sparked Outrage On Social Media With Users Slamming The Menu As ‘Gross’

As for the fake wedding card, it divided guests into tiers with the lowest being those who gave ‘loving gifts’ – of up to $250 – choosing between roast chicken or swordfish.

A ‘silver gift’ level, which ranges from $251 to $500, offered guests either sliced steak or poached salmon, in addition to lower tier options.
The ‘golden gift’ selection offered guests filet mignon or lobster tails if they spent $501 to $1,000.

For more generous guests willing to spend between $1,001 and $2,500, the ‘platinum gift’ was reserved. A 2 lb lobster and souvenir champagne goblet were offered to this affluent class.

After critics discovered that dietary restrictions were pricey, the menu drew further criticism.

As a ‘joke,’ the cards were sent along with the couple’s invitations, but ended up online. 

Vegetarians and Kosher guests were only offered Platinum level meals on the menu.

The internet was abuzz with gossip as users mercilessly attacked the couple.
One user wrote: ‘I’m not sure “tacky” covers both the offensiveness of treating your wedding guests like political campaign donors AND the pathology of emotionally blackmailing your loved ones and publicly humiliating them. It’s like eating a sociopathy burrito.

Some guests suggested alternatives to the ridiculous tiered gift system.

As an alternative to the reception meal, one user joked about bringing a $25 check and tuna sub.

Become a platinum member. Let’s get you some lobster. Take a card with a $5 TJ Maxx gift card and the business cards of local divorce lawyers. Take your lobster and leave. Win-win.’

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