Woman is fired after only 2 days of work: she takes her revenge by canceling 211 appointments

Each of us knows how important work is to us. In addition to sustaining ourselves, it keeps us active and busy throughout the day. We would have to deal with this very unpleasant event if we ever lost our job. This was the situation in which the subject of the story found herself.

Despite only working two days, the 30-year-old woman was fired from her job. In response to her boss’s actions, she took revenge on the company. Here’s what she did:

Lauren Arafat had only been working at The Potting Shed Spa in Betley for two days when her boss fired her. Her handling of the job and some other problems led to her being fired, and she didn’t take it well at all. Lauren was outraged by her boss’s decision.

She canceled 211 appointments that the company had set up for some time through the company’s web portal, which she connected to with the credentials of a colleague. It was almost impossible for the business to recover the information and restore the situation after this happened. When Lauren was taken to court for this wrongdoing, it was revealed during one of the hearings that, immediately after firing her, the boss had to cancel all her appointments for that day. 211 cancellations were added to those canceled by the boss on the day he fired Lauren, so we can see how much damage was done.

Due to the woman’s inability to use the technology, she was unable to cancel the reservations, therefore she was found guilty of committing the unauthorized acts.

Her decision to take revenge wasn’t very healthy. Aside from losing her job, she was also found guilty of putting the company in a very difficult position. Some situations require one to think carefully before acting in order to avoid worsening one’s situation.

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SOURCE : wtvideo.com

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