A dad who hasn’t seen his best friend for 7 years finds out he’s standing right behind him

His best friend thought he wouldn’t be able to visit him on his 60th birthday. However, he soon realized he was only a few feet away.

We all have a friend like that. We could spend all day with them. The one with whom we share all our stories. That friend you know! As we age, staying connected isn’t always easy. It is easy to let months pass without seeing your best friend because of work, family, travel, and more.

We get a glimpse of what a man with a best friend gets for his birthday in a video from a few years back!

A man’s best friend surprises him after 7 years apart in the video below!

When you are apart from a friend for seven years, it is a long time! Fortunately, a good reunion can make up for a lot of lost time. For his 60th birthday, a man (whose only YouTube name is Tbone) is surprised by his family.

The family threw a 60th birthday party for the man.

60 is a big year and deserves a big celebration! For the celebration, the man’s family invited friends, family, and more. The family had one more surprise for him as the party drew to a close. Upon sitting him down, they played him a birthday video made by his best friend.

The 60-year-old started crying as he watched the video! It was only the beginning for him.

The video shows his friend telling him how much he misses him and how much he cares for him. Overall, it’s a very emotional moment. As his friend waxes eloquent about how much he loves him and is sad he cannot be there for him today, the REAL surprise comes.

Someone walks up behind him and gives him a hug as he watches the video.

Initially, he accepts the comfort because he thinks it’s his son. He realizes something is wrong when he looks down and notices the arms hugging him. His friend had snuck up on him and was literally right behind him, it wasn’t his son!

When he looks up and sees who it is, he lets out an “OH CRAP!”

The two friends embrace in one of the most wholesome moments ever captured on camera. They were reunited after seven years of not seeing each other. The only thing you can muster when overwhelmed with emotion is an “OH CRAP!”

YouTube soon became a viral hit after the video was posted.

In the video, the dad who was surprised (Tbone) wrote a few words:

Thank you all for your kind words. I will never forget this surprise. My daughter for the video, and my wife for flying Ben and Michele in. It was completely unknown to me. It was the best birthday a dad could ever have. And thanks to the neighbors who cooked and decorated…. My dad had the best birthday ever. It is beyond belief that I am blessed.”

Check out the video below to see for yourself!

source : shareably.net

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