8-year-old Girl Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Her Dad In Heaven

Sarah Tully, the girl’s mother, immediately appealed for help on social media when her daughter’s letter disappeared.

An eight-year-old girl sent a heartfelt letter to her deceased father, but it got lost in the mail. Unfortunately, the postman who returned the letter to Sianna had also recently lost his father. Following the disappearance of her daughter’s letter, Sarah Tully immediately appealed for help on social media.

As Tully explained to Leicester Live, her daughter had asked, “Where does Daddy live?” She told Leicester Live, “Just now, Sianna enquired: “Where does Daddy live?”” According to Heaven, Cloud Nine, who spoke to Leicester Live, she had gone to the post office that evening to write down the address for a letter she had written. Since I’m not sure what’s in it, I usually reply that it’s between her and her father. When she started crying, I told her it was too late to post it. We started walking to the nearby post office after I said, “Come on.”

Sianna, whose father passed away when she was four months old, became increasingly fascinated with him. She would write him a letter every year on his birthday, Father’s Day, and Christmas. Tully requested help in finding the letter after failing to find it in a nearby post box.

Meanwhile, Simon the postman found her forgotten letter by accident. My job is to deliver mail in the Braunstone neighborhood. A child’s handwriting was found in the red pillar box on Bewicke Road addressed to their dad in Heaven, Cloud 9. This is why I’m seeking the child’s parents so that, with their permission, I can do a small favor for him.” Posting on social media.

Even as an adult, I found the death of my father last year to be painful. He continued, “I can’t even imagine what this kid is going through.”. “The way the mailman and everyone else who has seen the post has reacted astounds me,” Tully said after discovering the note. Since then, I haven’t stopped crying. There was never a thought in my head that someone might find it or use it in any way.”

The postman told BBC that he was “quite taken aback” after reading the letter. “If shipped with other items to be mailed, without a stamp or a valid address, it would surely end up thrown away during transportation.” I asked my manager if I might try to talk to the family to find out additional information so that I could give it back to them in a chat” he disclosed.

Tully was extremely grateful to Simon and the unrelated people who helped her locate the letter. It’s only now that she’s starting to understand, since she was so young. I believe she was more sensitive this year, so she might have found it to be the hardest “Mother made a comment.”.

Source: leicestermercury.co.uk

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  1. That is so heartbreaking! I should have done it when my father died. He’s been gone for over 25 years