A pilot takes his girlfriend on a flight and fakes an engine failure as a creative proposal

I’ve always wanted an original proposal, but now I’m rethinking it.

If you are planning to propose, how would you do it?

Some of us might have imagined walking to the beach and then kneeling in front of a beautiful sunset.

As the evening grew late, some might have considered just having a quiet wine dinner before popping the question.

Others are more creative, though.

A flash mob may be in the works for the loud ones. Then there are those who push things to the limit. Rather than the most coveted “yes”, one that can actually say “no”.

What if you’re an amateur pilot?

Anthony Bordignon and Katherine Wareham had been together for two years when Bordignon decided to take things further.

Around 3,500 feet is that level.

On a flyby, he invited his then-girlfriend Wareham to join him.

Some people are comfortable with their feet off the ground. Some people, however, might think twice before boarding a small plane.

Wareham wasn’t thrilled about it.

Throughout the takeoff, her brows met in a frown, and her eyes were closed. It’s hard to blame her, though.

When it comes to being high up in the air, not everyone is as confident as Bordignon.


As they reached cruising altitude, Wareham became more confident and comfortable.

She even took pictures of the surrounding area while posing with their mounted Go-Pro. After all, everything looks amazing from above.

Bordignon then staged an anxious flyer’s nightmare.

As you can see in the video, Wareham is getting more nervous. Bordingnon seemed to be losing control of the plane, so she kept looking at him.

After that, their plane dives and sways. They might even have to land in a field, he told Wareham at one point.

A checklist is given to her to read.

Aeronautics planes are equipped with quick reference handbooks, or QRHs.

All the procedures a pilot can and should follow in an emergency can be found in this technical document.

Bordignon asked Wareham not to panic as she reluctantly followed.

Bordignon can be heard relaying the situation to air traffic control, making the situation more alarming. The list was checked off by Wareham.

As a couple, they were already visible at that point. Despite her anxiety, Wareham tried to remain calm while guiding Bordignon.

Finally, the moment arrived.

Wareham read, “Make sure the flight ring is engaged.”. “Start the engagement process.”. From steps 11 to 14.

After a while, she realized what was happening.

She interrupted herself as she read, “Does the pilot -” It’s you, I hate you!” 

She then said with a smile on her face and the threat of crying.


Is the pilot in command going to love the passenger forever? Check. Can you marry the pilot in command?’ she reads on, but this time she was crying. What do you think about marrying the pilot?”

The ring box was brought out by Bordignon.

Wareham must have felt stress, anxiety, fear, and finally, love at that moment. At the same time, all of those things.

Even with the crazy proposal, Wareham agreed to become a Bordignon. Anthony currently takes two kids with him when he flies.

Watch the video below to see how this crafty pilot pulled off the proposal of a lifetime!

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