Bride bought the perfect wedding dress for only $3.75 and it went viral on TikTok

For brides looking for wedding dresses, the bridal shop is usually their first stop, but not for Jillian Lynch. It was her thrift shop.

“I thrift all the time, so it just made sense,” she told Insider. The thought of going to a bridal shop never even crossed my mind.

As she planned her intimate wedding, Jillian, 32, decided she wanted to wear a white dress.

Jillian and her boyfriend of 13 years didn’t see themselves tying the knot until spring of 2021. They planned to be life partners, but didn’t think marriage was necessary.

She said, “About a year ago, we were like, ‘Let’s be husband and wife.'”

They planned a 30-person micro wedding at the Social House in Tempe, Arizona, where most of their friends and family live, as they didn’t want a big wedding.

After choosing a venue, Jillian began shopping for clothes.

Jillian Lynch trying on her wedding dress

“I started looking for simple white dresses, not wedding dresses. She said she didn’t want anything too formal.

Jillian began her search by visiting second-hand shops. In the end, she found a Camilla Coelho dress with still-attached tags after four days of shopping.

Featuring an asymmetrical neckline and a daring slit, this white slip dress is mid-length. As it was, it was stunning.

The best part is that Jillian only had to pay $3.75 for it. The same dress can be found on Revolve for $220, so it’s definitely a steal.

On TikTok, Jillian posted a video of herself wearing the dress and said she wasn’t sure if she would wear it.

She was convinced to use the gown after seeing a lot of positive comments from viewers.

As a result of feedback on TikTok, Jillian tried on the dress a few more times and fell more in love, saying that she felt “really pretty” in it.

As she shared her dress shopping journey on TikTok, she explained that brides often go dress shopping with their moms, bridal parties, or friends to get feedback. “It felt like that.”

During the wedding day, Jillian had the dress tailored to ensure a perfect fit. 

The waist was taken in, the adjustable straps were swapped with custom straps, and lace was added to the top of the slit.

The alterations cost her $110, so she spent a total of $113.75 on her wedding dress. She also thrifted $8 Visanze Collection wedding shoes.

“I have never felt that great in something,” Jillian said. “That’s how brides should feel on their wedding day, like they’re at their most beautiful. I felt exactly the same way when I put it on.”

In addition, Jillian did all her own hair and makeup for the day.

It surprised her that she loved everything about her wedding, even the traditional parts, even though she hadn’t dreamed of it for years.

As an example, Jillian asked her dad to walk her down the aisle.

I could see how much it meant to him, and it ended up meaning a lot to me as well.

Jillian Lynch with her groom

In addition, she and her groom focused on just enjoying the day, feeling the excitement of a new chapter in their lives.

“We just rolled with it,” she said. Rather than trying to make this planned event go smoothly, we were just having a good time together.

Check out Jillian’s viral TikTok video showing how the dress looks on her.


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