The Bride Bakes And Creates Her Own Wedding Cake 12 Hours Before She Gets Married

It is expensive to have a wedding. Any bride or groom who has been a part of one knows that. The average wedding costs a couple nearly $29,000, according to Nerd Wallet. Almost every year, that cost also increases. When it came to cutting wedding costs, one bride decided to take matters into her own hands. 

The bride Laura decided to take on a role that most brides would have left to a paid professional. In order to create and bake her dream wedding cake, she decided to do it herself. On her TikTok, the bride documented the whole baking and decorating process. Using TikTok, internet users can record, edit, and create videos of all types for the world to see. After purchasing five boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix, the bride began baking. Less than 24 hours before her wedding, she froze several round cakes. 

This bride spent her last hours as a single woman frosting her homemade wedding cake the night before her wedding. After frosting the cake’s many layers, it was time for the final touches. Her frosted cake was adorned with multi-colored sprinkles and a sign that read, “The Saxes.” 

Since the bride’s whole baking journey was documented, the internet had plenty to say. There have been over 330,000 likes and over 3.9 million views on the bride’s TikTok video. 

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In the TikTok video, the bride admits that creating a wedding cake the night before her wedding wasn’t the best idea. While playing the role of a wedding cake decorator, she admitted that she had never iced a cake.

She stood back and admired her tiered sprinkle cake after it was complete. In her video, the bride said, “There it is! So cute.”.

Thousands of comments were left on her video, which has millions of views. Betty Crocker’s official TikTok account commented, “How beautiful!” Congratulations!

TikTok users commented, “Is this a joke because it looks like more of a birthday video.” While there were some mean comments, there were also a lot of encouraging remarks. A kind internet user wrote, “People are so mean.” My memory of wedding cakes is hazy. Whatever you think of it, as long as you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. Today is your day! Congratulations!”

According to another TikTok user, some comments need to be chilled. It’s her wedding, so she can have whatever cake she wants. What a great idea!”

Laura’s fondant cake probably tasted better than some professional wedding cakes, according to one user! Cakes and other baked goods are coated with fondant icing. “Guarantee it tastes better than any dry, dense, fondant-covered “professional” wedding cake I’ve ever eaten,” they wrote on Laura’s video.

Laura was more than happy with the end result despite mixed reviews on the internet. 

How about baking your own wedding cake? Laura’s cake is beautiful and unique. Send this article to someone you think would appreciate it if you found it inspiring!

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