Elementary School Community Celebrates 77-Year-Old Custodian With First Ever Birthday Party

In the eyes of her students, Frances Buzzard, 77, is more than just a janitor at Belle Elementary School in West Virginia. Buzzard goes above and beyond her duties to perform her duties and create a welcoming learning environment at the school. More importantly, she sets an excellent example of a strong work ethic for the children by polishing the furniture until it shines like a mirror.

As staff and students watched Ms. Buzzard perform her duties without complaint for years, it was evident that she was an integral part of Belle Elementary. A perfect opportunity then presented itself for the community to thank this unstoppable woman.

Buzzard’s colleagues learned through schoolyard gossip that their beloved Ms. Buzzard never had a birthday party. As a result, they decided to change that immediately. 

Unbeknownst to her, “Ms. Frances”- as she was known by the students and staff- heard her name being called over the loudspeakers. Since an assembly was currently taking place, she figured they needed her to clean something up.

Over 200 students yelled “Surprise!” as she walked through the door.”

 There was then a voice over the speaker system. Miss Francis, we’re celebrating your birthday today since you won’t be here next week.”  

Ms. Francis was surrounded by her loving students as she took a seat. Everyone cheered ecstatically. As the kitchen crew wheeled out a cart brimming with sweet treats, topped, of course, with big “77” candles, the birthday girl was draped in a celebratory sash and tiara.

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Miss Francis has never had a birthday party, according to Amanda Mays, the Belle Elementary principal who helped organize the event. The opportunity could not be missed as she turns seventy-seven on January 30th.” 

It was time for the clandestine celebration to begin. “We just put a generic ‘assembly’ on the schedule for (that) week.” All that remained was to wait for the unsuspecting Ms. Francis to walk through the door. Mays replied, “She has no idea.” “We’ll meet in the cafeteria, but she doesn’t know why.” 

A slideshow of the birthday girl’s life was shown after she arrived. Throughout history, photoshopped images of Frances appeared Forest Gump-style at different scenes. Frances rocked out at Woodstock and even hung out with Neil Armstrong on the moon in the cheeky photos. 

A teary-eyed Ms. Francis watched as several students handed her handwritten cards.

 “I’ve never had anything like this,” she exclaimed, delighted. According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, Frances grew up poor. In addition, her family did not celebrate Christmas or her birthday. They would give the kids nuts and fruit when they could afford it, but that was all they did. “I’ve never had anyone do this for me before,” she confessed. No one will ever forget the gesture of kindness and community. 

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