Little Girl Can’t Hold Back Her Emotions When Foster Mom Turns And Tells Her “Today’s Your Day.”

Growing up in foster care can be an uncertain time for many children. People who were adopted as babies or who have always lived with their birth families often don’t realize how blessed they are to have that sense of belonging and security.

A little girl named Shailee dreamed of finding a forever family. The dream, however, was about to become a reality thanks to one loving family.

Shailee had grown close to her foster parents and foster brother. It seemed like a perfect match. She eagerly anticipated the day she would become a legal member of this loving forever family after hearing that her foster parents planned to adopt her.

Her foster parents couldn’t wait to adopt this sweet girl with a contagious smile. It was important for them to keep the actual date of her adoption a secret.

It was a day Shailee would never forget.

The parents picked up their kids from school as usual on the big day.

She turned on the camera to record this milestone moment, and her foster mom and foster dad revealed the exciting news: it was adoption day!

He told her they would be going to the courthouse that day to finalize the adoption. She immediately got a look of absolute delight and surprise on her face.

“Really? You’re lying?” she asked incredulously.

She was then told, “Today is your day.”

In tears of joy and gratitude, Shailee was overcome with emotion. She could finally live with her mom, dad, and brother in a forever home! Check out this heartwarming video footage of the touching moment.

 That’s one excited little girl, aren’t you?

As happy as we are for her, we hope you are as well!

Take a look at the video below:

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